Buy Tables for Your Business with Commercial Table Legs and Bases from a Company You Can Trust

If you are just opening a new business or restaurant for the first time, or perhaps refurbishing your already active business, there are a variety of components that you should consider updating to meet the necessary standards …read more .

Keep Your Customers Satisfied with Comfortable and Sturdy Tables with Cast Iron Table Bases

When you go to a restaurant you are usually thinking about little other than the food. When you arrive, though, you are suddenly faced with other components of the restaurant industry that shape your experience with the business long before you …read more .

Keep Your Staff and Clients Safe with Metal or Pedestal Table Bases That Comply with OHS

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards are imperative to comply with at all times if you are a business or restaurant owner. In the food industry, customer safety is vital. If you have ever worked in a restaurant in any capacity, you …read more .

Just How Does GyroBases Make Those Restaurant Tables and Bases so Incredible

If you’ve ever been to a spot with outdoor restaurant tables, you may have wondered to yourself, “how do they get those things to stay up without toppling over?” If you’re a restaurant owner, and you’ve been checking out some other …read more .

GyroBases offers an Affordable Solution to Seating with Bar Table Pedestals

As a business owner, you know the value of providing exceptional service at an affordable price. At GyroBases, we aim to offer restaurants, pubs, bistros and food service businesses an affordable solution to seating. We offer a host of …read more .

Eliminate the Wobble of Your Old Bar Table Base Legs with Rock Steady Bases from GyroBases

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more annoying than sitting down for a pint, leaning on the table, and spilling the whole glass on yourself. What happened? Chances are, the table isn’t level and even — so when you put your weight on it …read more .

Wobbly Bistro Tables, Bases, And Legs Are a Distant Memory

The modern bistro owner has more than enough on their plate that could cause stress. You have employees to train and guests to maintain. You have to work on those new menus, decide on where you will source your produce, and get all your …read more .

The Cafe Table Revolution. Quality Cafe Bases and Legs from GyroBases

You’ve worked hard building your business – saving money, hiring talented employees, managing day-to-day affairs. Things are looking up, then suddenly – complaints about a wobbly cafe table. The scourge of the hospitality and service …read more .

Choose a Dining Table for Your Cafeteria That Can Withstand All the Abuses Tables Endure

By its very nature, a cafeteria sees a lot of heavy use each day. It’s not unusual for a large volume of patrons to stream in through the doors at peak times, clamouring for food. The rush moves on to the seating areas, where tables are …read more .

Save time and space with the GyroBase Folding Bar Café Tables

Are you trying to make the best use of the space in your food service business? At GyroBase, we know how valuable storage space is and how you rarely have the time to fold tables when you’re trying to clean up or rearrange an area. We also know …read more .

Critics Rave about the Most Innovative Metal Bar Tables, Legs and Bases in Australia

From its humble beginnings in South Africa, the Gyro base has evolved into a revolutionary solution for spilt drinks. First introduced to clientele in 2007, the base was designed to give people everywhere a table that would stay still …read more .

Outdoor Table Bases, outdoor table base, outdoor table legs, outdoor table feet

Imagine sitting outside, staring at the ocean and enjoying a meal or a cocktail. Then picture setting your drink down only to have it tumble over due to an unstable outdoor table base …read more .

Trying to Pick Out Pedestal Dining Table Legs and Bases for Your Cafe? GyroBases Supplies a Reliable Base Ideal for Your Space

Owning and operating your own cafe is nothing short of a rewarding experience. Sure, it can be tough to stay on top of everything all of the time. When you have a growing number of loyal customers, though, all the hard work is worth the effort …read more .

End Frustration with Wobbly Tables in Your Restaurant; Swap to GyroBases’ Self-Stabilising Table Bases at Both Bar and Dining Heights

When you are operating a restaurant, there are many things you must juggle every single day. Success is all about managing a complex set of variables. The kitchen must produce excellent food. Staff must serve efficiently and courteously. You’ll …read more .

The Magic of the Self Levelling Table

It’s likely you’ve seen them before. That wouldn’t come as a surprise, as the self-levelling table base certainly isn’t a brand new concept. The idea is a simple one to grasp. You want to place a table on a surface that is a bit uneven. Your …read more .

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