Articles on Cafe Table Stability

Cafe Table Stability – Do Your Tables Comply?

Cafe table stability depends on quite a few factors. In the following articles we discuss what to look out for when purchasing your next table base for your restaurant or cafe.

Structural Stability of Cafe Tables

Structural Stability

Stability of cafe tables is at its best when all 4 feet touch the ground simultaneously. This is not necessarily true, as table stability depends on a lot of factors.
This article briefly discusses what you should look out for when purchasing a table base for your restaurant or cafe.

Cafe Table Stability - Toppling stability of tables

Toppling Stability

Your table base can be heavy, sturdy and strong, however if your table is “top heavy” it will affect your cafe table stability and its safety.

Here are a few pointers to consider to check your table for toppling stability.

Table Equalizers for commercial table stability problems

The Stability “Quick Fix”

BEWARE – There are many quick fix solutions on the market for cafe table stability problems.
Some work, some do not. Some even destabilise your tables.

Read all about the “Quick Fix” gizmos and their pit falls.