Keep Your Customers Satisfied with Comfortable and Sturdy Tables with Cast Iron Table Bases

When you go to a restaurant you are usually thinking about little other than the food. When you arrive, though, you are suddenly faced with other components of the restaurant industry that shape your experience with the business long before you get to try the food. That is why it is essential for any restaurant owner, to carefully consider the entirety of the customer experience they provide.

The first thing a customer will notice is the general appearance of the restaurant. Then, as they are taken to be seated, they will be exposed to the service provided by your wait staff. Once they are seated, they are ready to judge the overall comfort of the venue, the chairs, and the table. Although it may not seem like an item that need be a priority, the table plays a central role in the customer’s experience. If you want your customers seating situation to be ideal, consider seeking out tables with a cast iron table base.

How Tables with Cast Iron Table Bases Improve Customer Experience

Cast Iron base for bistros - Cast Iron Table Bases 22x22

Cast Iron base for Bistro Tables. Size 22×22.

When a customer is seated at a restaurant, there are a few components of their table that are immediately noticeable. First, there will be the general appearance of the table: it’s cleanliness or clutter, the quality of the finish, and the feel of the surface. These are features that can be mixed or matched with an iron table base. These aesthetic details are important. Even if they are perfect, if once the customer is seated, they begin to notice weaknesses in the table’s basic functionality, it will have all been for nought.


One sign that patrons will see in a restaurant as a sign of weakness is a bad table. If you sit down and notice that your table is unstable, wobbly, has missing legs, or just unable to stay still while you try to use your steak knife, your frustration will grow. The sturdiness provided by tables with cast iron table bases will eliminate your customer having this wobbly experience. Having a table with a heavy base will hold the table firmly in place. Thus creating a much more pleasant customer experience.

Making Your Staff’s Life Easier Will Make Your Customers Happier

How can having iron table bases help out your staff? There are many ways that having solid tables will improve your staff’s morale. A bad table is something that will inevitably frustrate customers. When customers are frustrated due to an element out of your server’s control, this is frustrating to the server. Eliminating such frustrations will yield happier customers, which in turn grants your server’s a boosted morale and probably increased tips. When you upgrade your tables, it will give your business a fresh new look that will not go unnoticed by your staff and clientele. New is exciting and change is a great way to reinvigorate your restaurant if things are starting to feel stale.