Furniture Design & Manufacture

We offer a furniture design and manufacture service, for commercial installations, interior decorators, architects or landscapers.
Send us your brief of what you require and we will bring your design to life.
We will provide you with a 3D rendered concept, very much like what you see below.
You like it. We make it. What you see, is what you get.
Below are a few examples of designs we have done in the past.

Centipede Table Base

Commercial furniture design - the centipede tableThis design resembles the backbone of a large dinosaur or of a centipede. We settled on “The Centipede”.
Our client commissioned us to design a table base to support a marble table top, measuring 4.5m long. The table base had to man-handled up a flight of stairs to the second floor.
Our solution was to design a solid backbone, using a square tube strong enough to support the marble slab. The “ribs” where spaced at regular intervals and close enough together so that the marble would not crack.
There where a couple of challenges in making this base.
The first challenge was to weld on the ribs to the main beam (the backbone) without deforming the beam due to the heat applied through welding. We got that right. The back bone is 100% flat.
The second challenge was to get this 120kg beast up the flight of stairs. Our solution. Bolt on the legs afterwards. This worked perfectly well and the base is steady as a solid piece of concrete.

Urban Furniture Design

The urban furniture design was produced for a client.
The main material used for the construction for this urban furniture was specified by the client. The segments are all 25mm thick birch plywood, and sealed with epoxy and UV varnishes to protect this furniture from the elements.
The segments are held together by stainless steel rods and spacers.

This concept of segmented furniture can be made in many different shapes and sizes. 

Street Furniture Design

Street Furniture design concept.The real challenge for this installation was not the the actual furniture design or the manufacture of these pieces, but the 3 week window we where given.
Yes we did it, but a few weekends of over time had to be put in.
The frames of these modular pieces are fully welded using 35x35x2mm galvanised steel tube. The tube are sealed to prevent water ingress which can cause the furniture to rust from inside out. Then treated and powder-coated black.
Adjustable feet where added at the corners of each piece, so that all the modular seats could be lines up on the uneven ground. Corner tags where also welded on, so that everything could be bolted to the ground.
The timber for the seats and table tops is Blackbutt timber treated with a UV stable oil. 


This project is work in progress. Although we have been given the “Green Light” for the project, we have been delayed due to COVID 19. We will post pictures of the final product when the project is complete.
The brief for this project was to produce a 5 seater table and seat set for public use.
There are several challenges to this project. Firstly the furniture design has to be strong enough to withstand the abuse that public furniture is subject to. Secondly, this product is very volumetric, therefore costly to ship. So we made this design flat pack.
We conducted a few test to ensure that the bolted on legs could withstand the abuse. The frame of this setting is strong enough to with stand a load of several hundreds of kilograms.
The seating shown in the design concept pics with timber. We can make the seats and table top using any material. 

Waterfall Table Designs

Over the past few years we have had many requests to design and build waterfall tables, or tables with vanity screens.
Here are a few variants of what we have drawn up in the past.
We can make these tables for indoor or outdoor use. You can have them any height. From coffee table to bar table height. 

Outdoor Lifestyle Furniture Designs

The Ashbury chair and Provencal table. An all aluminium design.The founder of Gyro, Hans, was involved for many years with a company called Outdoor Lifestyle.
Outdoor Lifestyle designed and produced many unique furniture designs. Hans was instrumental in getting these designs developed, tested and then brought to life.
The most popular design was the Ashbury chair. Over 300,000 units where produced. A true classic design.
The main reason for Outdoor Lifestyle designs being so popular, is that the tables never wobbled. The chairs are made from cast aluminium. Although they are hard, they are anthropomorphically designed to fit human form. These chairs are very comfortable to sit in.
Some of Outdoor Lifestyle products are still produced today. Should you wish to purchase any of the Outdoor Lifestyle products, please give as a call. Please note, these chairs are imported on project bases only and not sold individually.
Outdoor Lifestyle had a vast product range. The range included pool loungers, deep seating (lounge furniture), umbrellas and custom made office furniture. Not all of these designs are produced today. The first Gyro folding/self-stabilising base was produced by Outdoor Lifestyle in 2007. The current Gyro self-stabilising bases are produced by Scancom International in Vietnam.

The original Gyro table base, designed by Hans, produced by Outdoor Lifestyle.
The original Gyro table base, designed by Hans.

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