Commercial Table Stability and Safety

Commercial Table Stability for restaurant businesses is extremely important. We understand that every commercial customer has specific requirements for his or her tables. Many tables, especially custom made tables, do not conform to international standards as they are built to a price. It is very important that you consider every aspect of your restaurant’s furniture to ensure the safety and well being of your guests.

In order to make your restaurant, cafe or bar a little more safer place, we have provided you with the necessary literature and tools in order for you to make to right decision on purchasing your next table.

Table Equalizers for commercial table stability problems

Commercial Table Stability

Commercial table stability is not only about how steady the table stands on 4 feet in a restaurant. It is up to whole lot of factors, such as structural integrity, size of base, size of table top and retro fitted Gizmos that are added to a commercial table for stability.

Before you use our stability calculator, please read upon the articles first. If in doubt contact us and ask.

Table Stability calculator - Prevent cafe tables from Toppling Over

Table Stability Calculator

To ensure that your table base and table top are a stable and safe combination. Here is a useful tool to assist you to check if your top and base are a stable combination against toppling.

The standards that our calculator uses are EN/BS and ANSI (commercial use tables only).

Lvelling restaurant furniture with wedges.

FAQ On Table Stability

We are asked many questions, such as  “How to stabilise a table?”, “Is it possible to level a table on a steep slope?” or “What are commercial table stability standards?”

Here some answers to these questions. If you have any other questions, please ask.

Gyro restaurant table safety sign for commercial table stability.

Commercial Furniture Safety

There are government bodies who regulate food safety in restaurants. When it comes to furniture safety , especially whether furniture is fit for purpose or serviceable, there are no regulations nor enforcing bodies. Furniture is meant to be “self-regulated”.

Don’t wait for an accident waiting to happen. You could loose your business.