Table Stability Calculator

What does a Table Stability Calculator do?

Many commercial tables used in restaurants are a "random" combination
of a pedestal table base and a top, based on best price to fit a budget.

These tables can end up top heavy (table top is to big for
the base) and do not comply with local safety requirements.

These tables are a hazard to patrons.

With our Gyro Table Stability Calculator, you are able to
check if your tables comply to your local safety requirements.

 Contact Gyro and we will gladly assist you in combining a table base with your desired top.

Being Safe is Being Sure.

Before you use the Table Stability Calculator, please familiarise yourself with  “Table Structural and Toppling Stability”.

Make sure you have selected to correct Safety Standards that comply with laws in your country. Read up on requirements for table safety requirements in USA (BIFMA).

It is an algorithm to assist matching your table top size (round or square) with a suitable base size that ensures your final table design/configuration is stable and complies with your standard of choice for “toppling stability”.

Table Toppling stability is dependant on 3 variables.

  1. The total weight of table (base and top)
  2. The foot print size of the legs on the table base
  3. The size of the table top

Normally a table base is a given size and weight, however you can vary the top size and weight. The result our calculator gives you is the minimum weight required for the table top in order to give your table top and base combination the stability it requires.

The larger the table top for a given size base, the heavier it must be to be stable and prevent toppling.

The calculated result gives you the minimum table top weight required for your table base/top combination to prevent your table from toppling over. The result is dependent upon the accuracy of the variables you enter into the calculator. The calculator is intended to be used as a guide only. Although the results are accurate, further laboratory testing is required.

  1. Choose Metric or Imperial measurement;
  2. Choose the country Standard for compliance;
  3. Choose the table top shape – round or square + orientation;
  4. Enter your table base weight; (weigh your base)
  5. Enter your table leg dimension; (see below what to measure)
  6. Enter your desired table top dimension; (see below what to measure)
  7. Press the “Calculate” button.
  8. The result or answer is displayed at the bottom of the page. The answer given is the minimum weight your table top must be for the given sizes of table base and table top dimensions you entered.


Gyro table stability calculator - instructions

The calculator uses the following Standards to advise upon toppling stability.

  • BS EN 581-3 : 2007
  • ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 2014

Both Standards are current for table use in the commercial contract environment.

Before using the Gyro Table Stability Calculator, please read the following two articles on Table Stability –

Stable Table Series – 1. Stability

Stable Table Series – 2. Toppling