Demonstration Videos On Gyro Self-Stabilisation System

Below Are Few Videos That will Help You Understand A Bit More On How Gyro Works.

We have made a series of videos to help you to learn more about Gyro table bases and our products.

There are many products out there that claim they can stabilise on uneven floors. In our videos we show you how well we can perform.

At Gyro we believe in designing products that are practical and safe to use. Here will show you some of the tests that we conducted, not only to ensure your safety, but to make sure your self-stabilising table  will not let you down when you most need it in your Restaurant or Café.

How does Gyro stabilize?

In this Gyro video demonstration, we show how the Gyro table legs do all the adjusting, unlike other systems that only allow movement in the feet. With the Gyro system, we are able to get more adjustment – up to 45 mm. When we say Gyro is the “4-wheel drive” of table bases, we really mean it. Its built tough to withstand the toughest commercial environments. Gyro is the one that will out perform and outlast any thing else that is on the market, cutting your operating costs even further.

How to attach your Swoose base to a table top.

When you receive your Gyro table base, you need to attach your table top before you unfold the base. Please follow the steps as demonstrated in this video, to ensure that your table top and base are correctly assembled before use.

Please Note: Do not remove the locking pin before you have mounted your table top.

Safety and durability testing on Gyro products.

All Gyro products are tested to ensure they comply with international safety standards. Besides the safety test, we have tested separate parts of our products for durability.

We don’t want your bases to fail on you, because at Gyro we understand that your down time costs you money. We want to save you money.