Commercial Picnic Benches & Outdoor Tables

5 Year warranty on Hot-dipped galvanised frames.

Maintenance free, UV Stable Compact Laminate table tops and seats.

Pre-oiled Australian hardwood can last up to 15 years without maintenance.

Our Outdoor Furniture Products

Galvanised steel framed picnic bench and wooden seats and table top

Picnic Benches & Tables

Picnic Table and bench sets. We manufacture picnic bench and table sets which can be used as commercial street furniture. Ideal for cafes that have outdoor spaces that require permanent outdoor furniture.

Outdoor bench seating with timber seat.

Benches for Street Furniture

Bench seating is extremely robust and can be used both indoor and outdoors. Ideal for bars and restaurants with high traffic as they extremely durable. A choice matching tables for benches.

Outdoor tables ideal for street furniture.

Outdoor Tables

Outdoor picnic tables are custom made. Bar or Dining height. Choice of timber or weather resistant laminates for table tops.

Picnic benches & Outdoor Furniture Features

Galvanised steel framed picnic bench and wooden seats and table top

Galvanised Frames

All our frames for outdoor use are fully hot-dipped galvanised. This means that the steel tubes are not only coated on the outside, they are also coated on the inside as well. This prevents any corrosion from happening from the inside out.

Picnic benches with galvanised frame on blackbutt timber.

Osmo UV Protection Oil

All hardwood components are pre-oiled with Osmo UV protection oil. Osmo oil deep penetrates the timber, giving it that extra protection.

Picnic and outdoor table sets flat pack.

Flat Pack

To save you on costs, our picnic benches are a complete flat pack. Specially engineered to be steady as a fully welded frame. There are only 5 parts and 12 bolts and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes by 2 persons.

Fully Customisable

GalvaOutdoor picnic table set with wood coloured compact laminate seats and table top.

Seating & Tabletop Material

Why settle for anything standard? We have a large choice of Australian Hardwoods or UV Stable Laminate seats and table top materials. All materials are specifically chosen to reduce your maintenance costs.

Collection of Hawk dining height table bases.

Select a size that suits You

Our picnic benches can be made to just about any size. From an intimate 2 seater , right up to communal 10 seater.

Delta bench seating forms a set with Delta table

Optional extras

Painted Frames, Umbrella holes, Handbag hooks, tie down lugs, or even special configurations for wheelchair access. If we have not mentioned anything that you require, please give us a call and discuss your requirements.

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