Sneeze Guards

Our Sneeze Guards or Sneeze Shields are there to protect you, your customers, and your staff. The safety screens have been designed to be sturdy and do not topple over easily. All our Safety Guards are portable. Most important of all, our screens do not have to be stuck or bolted down to the desk or countertop.

Sneeze Guard Features

  • Safety shields made from 4,5mm thick impact-resistant acrylic sheeting (Plexiglas).
  • Steel feet add weight to safety guards, so they are portable and can be placed in position without falling over.
  • 100% Australian made.
  • Many standard sizes available and fully customisable to suit your establishment.

Sneeze Shield Uses

  • Partition on school desks.
  • POS safety guards – Point-of-Sale protection screens to keep your staff safe.
  • Ideal for customer service desks to allow closer and more private consultation with your customers.
  • Can be used on office desks or on meeting tables to create a sneeze shield between employees.
  • Once restaurants, cafes, bars are allowed to trade again, our sneeze guards can protect patrons and staff.
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