Belle Restaurant Table with Hardwood Table Top – Sizes 70-120cm

Self-Stabilising table.
The Belle restaurant table is made for heavy-duty performance.
Indoor and Outdoor options available.
Square, rectangular and round sizes available.
Different hardwood options and colours on request.


The Belle Restaurant Table Features.

  • The belle base has been designed to hold up to a 50kg table top without wobbling.
  • The self-stabilising mechanism used in this table is guaranteed for 2 years in commercial use.
  • The hardwood table tops can be selected from our hardwood table top range.
  • This base can be used both indoor and outdoors. Please specify when ordering.

Table height and size options.

The height of the Belle table base is 715mm. The height cannot be customised. Please note that our hardwood tops are either 22 or 32mm thick. This has to added onto the height of the base to get a final height of the Belle restaurant table.

The table tops can be made to any shape, colour or size. 

Weight of the table.

The base weighs 12 kg. The final weight of the table depends on the material and size of the table top. Recommended total weight should not be heavier than 60kg.


The base is partially assembled. The customer is required to complete the table base assembly and attach the table top. All hardware is provided to assemble your Belle restaurant table. 

Safety Specification

All our table will comply with international safety standards.


Table Sizes

70x70cm, 80x80cm, 90x90cm, 100x100cm, 120x80cm, 90cm round, 120cm round

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