Hardwood Outdoor Table Top – 22mm thick

Pricing on Custom Sizes: Please enquire

The best “lightweight” outdoor table tops for commercial use. Made from East Gippsland hardwoods finished off with 3 coats of Osmo UV protection oil.


The species of timber we use in our hardwood outdoor table tops.

 Table top close up view.All timber for our durable hardwood outdoor table tops come from the East Gippsland area. Here the trees grow slower due to climatic conditions. This makes the timber denser, harder and more durable than their counterparts grown elsewhere. Independent tests can verify these claims. The hardwoods are Australian Eucalypts and their common names are White, Red & Yellow Stringybarks, Silvertop Ash and Mountain Grey Gum

Durable Construction.

Supporting frame for slatted table top.Our outdoor timber table tops have been assembled using only the best materials. The battens holding the timber slats in place are made from structural Bisalloy Steel . The steel is coated with a corrosion resistant coating or hot-dipped galvanised Use the galvanised option when next to the sea. All hardware is 316 grade marine stainless steel.

Lightweight tables tops for outdoor use

Due to the thinner timber used on these table tops, we managed to reduce the weight by 35% compared to the 32mm thick table tops.

The approximate weights of the wooden outdoor table tops are as follows – 600x600mm square – 9kg, 700x700mm square – 12kg, 800x800mm square – 16kg. 

Best UV protection for the outdoor timber table tops.

 Outdoor timber table tops are weather resistant.The timber slats have been coated using an OSMO hardwax oil system, making the timber very weather resistant. All timber slats a pre-coated 3 times prior to assembly to ensure that the timber is fully coated. Occasional reapplication is required depending on usage.

Smooth even dining surface.

During assembly we ensure that all the slats are evenly spaced (2-3mm apart) and are equal in height. Timber that has not been correctly secured, will cup. With wider slats we fix them with 4 screws to prevent cupping. So your tops will always remain flat.

Any shape - Round Square & Rectangular.

round wooden tables for outdoor use.As with all our table tops, everything is made to order. Round tops can be made in varying sizes. We can alter the widths of the slats to create a your own bespoke look. 

We can produce custom sizes. However larger tables tops would require a supporting frame such as the Delta Base.

Outdoor timber table tops stained to suit your decor

Gippsland hardwood table top colours, natural and walnut.As with all our wooden tops, we can chemically stain the timber to any shade of brown. From Natural to almost Black brown. Note that we use chemical stains, which do not fade under the sun like pigmented stains, nor do they “hide” the grain of the timber. The timber remains natural looking.

The Swoose folding base an ideal match.

Timber table top showing steel battens.The 22mm thick hardwood outdoor tables have been designed with the Gyro Swoose base in mind. Many outdoor timber table tops are heavy and difficult to carry. The 600mm square table top pictured here weighs only 9kg. Together with the Swoose base, the total weight is 13.5kg. This combination is an ideal table for coffee shops doing trade on sidewalks. The Swoose table base is light and strong and folds easy. Very compact design to minimise storage space.

Designed quality

Gyro products are designed and engineered to last. Not built for a price. With every design we produce, we thoroughly research the materials used. The final products are tested for strength and durability. 

The ultimate test is the test in an commercial environment. For example, the Gyro Swoose table base was tested for 2 years in a cafe/coffee shop environment to see what would or can go wrong. 

With timber outdoor tables we have to take that extra special care, as we are dealing with natural material. We select our hardwood timber carefully and discard any pieces that may have potential to split or crack. This selection process is only a visual inspection of the timber. You could expect the odd surface checking to happen after a few years.

Cleaning of timber table top surfaces.

DO NOT use any harsh chemical detergent cleaner that contains any of the following. 

Ammonia or Sodium Hydroxide (very caustic chemical found in dish washing powders or drain cleaners). Solvents such as methylated spirits or alcohol. Acid based cleaners and/or a cleaner that contains an abrasive ingredient.

A simple solution of a regular hand dish washing detergent will work well to maintain your table tops.

Maintenance of outdoor timber tables

All outdoor timber products produced by Gyro have been pre-coated with 3 coats of OSMO decking and/or UV Hardwax Oils.

Hardwax oils are deep penetrating oils which prevent any moisture ingress, but also allows the timber to “breath”. 

The surface layer of the hard-wax oils could be removed by regular cleaning. This is not detrimental to your timber tables, however a regular touch up of Osmo UV oil will ensure that your tables last a long time. 

Osmo products are available through out Australia.

PS. we do not get paid to promote any brands on our website. We believe this is best suited oil for our timber table tops.


Design and construct services

We have a CAD system whereby we can design just about anything that you require.

We have made very complex designs in the past. for example, that Gyro Swoose self-stabilising table base was designed 100% in our offices.

If you require a comprehensive design using our hardwood outdoor table tops, we will design it for you. Most of the time we offer this service for free (conditions do apply).

So if you want to see what your tables will look like, we will do a life-like rendering for you approve. What you see, is what you get.Delta bench seating with Delta Table.


Australian made Hardwood tables

Proudly Australian made.Proudly made in Australia.  All production happens in our own workshop. Nothing is out-sourced to another country. This way we can control the quality from start to end. For example, the timber is sourced from a sustainable Australian forests. The timber is dried to Australian standards. 

Any more Australian you cannot get.


Table Top Sizes

Square 60x60cm, Square 70x70cm, Square 80x80cm, Rectangular 70x50cm, Rectangular 120x60cm, Round 60cm, Round 70cm, Round 80cm

Table top weights

These weights are approximate and actual table tops weights will vary.
600x600mm square – 9kg, 700x700mm square – 12kg, 800x800mm square – 16kg

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