Gippsland Hardwood Table Top – Indoors – 22mm thick

Pricing for Custom sized table tops: Please Inquire

Lightweight Solid timber table tops. Made from extremely durable hardwoods and coated in a Hardwax Oil for that added toughness.


What Is Gippsland Hardwood?

Gippsland hardwood table top 60x60cm square.East Gippsland hardwood table tops are made form a selection of Eucalypts, chosen for their hardness and durability. The common names for these hardwood species is White, Red & Yellow Stringybarks, Silvertop Ash and Mountain Grey Gum. The East Gippsland hardwoods are slower growing making them denser and harder than their counterparts grown in other areas.

Table top surface finishes for timber table top.

Hardwood table tops resistant to wine stains.At Gyro we believe that hardwax oils are best surface finishes for commercial table tops. The reasoning is that oils remain flexible therefore do not crack, peel and discolour. Oils are also the easiest to repairs or recondition. The oils allow the timber to “breath”, however they fully impervious to most common drinks and food stuffs.

Staining of hardwood table top.

Gippsland hardwood table top colours, natural and walnut.The Gippsland hardwood table tops can be stained to just about any colour. The attached picture shows only 2 colours, namely Natural and Walnut. Send us your favourite colour swatch and we will try and match it. Please note that these hardwoods have a natural colour variance. Any staining will vary with the colour of the underlying timber.

Table top reinforcements

Timber table tops have the tendency to warp. We have developed and field tested a reinforcing system. This system holds the table tops flat, while allowing the timber to move as the moisture content changes seasonally, minimising the chances that the tops will crack.

Hygienic Surfaces

Gippsland hardwood table tops gum veins and knots filled with resin.Most Australian hardwood species have gums veins, wormholes, cracks or knots. These surface imperfections are traps for food stuffs which could cause serious hygiene problems. We fill 99% of all holes with a marine grade resin. This ensures a smooth surface that will not traps food stuffs.

Best Base for 22mm thick Hardwood table top.

Swoose dining height table base for Cafes and Restaurants.The 2mmthick hardwood table tops where designed specifically for the Swoose table base. The Swoose base is a folding and stabilising base. A table made form a combination of Swoose base and hardwood table top, is ideal for restaurants who have to move tables in and out each day.

100% Australian Made

Made In AustraliaAll of Gyro products have been developed and tested here in Australia. All custom made table bases and all our timber table tops are made by our crafts people in Australia.

Table Top Sizes

Square 60x60cm, Square 70x70cm, Square 80x80cm, Rectangular 70x50cm, Rectangular 120×600, Round 60cm, Round 70cm, Round 80cm

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