Small Sneeze Guard with Flat steel feet

The Small Sneeze Guard is portable, with weighted feet, so it does not need to be suck or bolted down.

  • Ideal small desk or counter guard to protect staff and customers.
  • 100% Australian made.
  • 4.5mm thick impact resistant acrylic.
  • Stable steel feet ensure that shield does not wobble.
  • Flat-pack so easy to transport.

 Small Sneeze Guard Uses.

  • On office desks – When interacting with your colleagues at work, don’t take the chance. Protect yourself and family.
  • Service Counters – In any retail outlet, bank, customer service centre, doctors waiting rooms. The list is endless. Protect yourself from your customers. you never know who is carrying the dreaded germ.
  • Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and Clubs – Once the lockdown measures a re lifted, it would be advisable to take that extra precaution and shield yourself from others.

Privacy Screen

The small guard screens can come in solid or transparent colours. These coloured screens can used if you require some privacy. MOQ’s applicable.

Small Sneeze Guard Features. 

  • Flush Fitting  Foot – The foot is 10mm thick raised giving you about 10mm clearance over your counter surface. The perfect personal screen that you can carry around.
  • 4,5mm Thick Impact resistant Acrylic Shield – the screen is made from high impact Plexiglas acrylic sheeting. The edges are rounded and smoothed so the are no sharp corners. The width of the screen is 600mm, while the height comes in 2 options, namely 610mm or 810mm high.
  • Steel Feet – Most other small guards come with acrylic feet. These feet are heavy relative to acrylic, so these screen will be very stable. No need to bolt or stick these screen down to the counter tops.
  • Flat-Pack – the small sneeze guards come flat-packed. This means you have to assemble it yourself. The assembly is very simple. You only need a screwdriver to do the assembly.

Colour Options For Sneeze Guard.

The feet are powder-coated black. That is the standard colour. If you require your sneeze guards to match your decor or your corporate colours, we can certainly custom colour code this for you. We do however require a minimum order quantity. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. Our contact details can be found on our contact page.guard 

Screen Sizes (WxHmm)

600x600mm, 600x800mm

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