Timber Trestle Table Legs

Timber trestle legs made from Australian hardwood. Tested to 100kg loading, which makes them very safe for use with commercial tables in restaurants and bars. Pricing shown is for a pair of legs 715mm high, 600 wide.


The timber trestle legs can be customised to any size table. The standard sizes are 600 wide and 715 high.

Can be made from any Australian hardwood.

All hardware is black in colours. The heavy duty hinges are made form 2mm thick steel plate.

Product Features

Made from select grade Australian hardwoods. Tested to work safely with 100kg loads

Base Size

It can be custom made to any size. The standard size is 60cm wide and 71.5cm high.


Variable due to different timbers. About 6kg per leg.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Depending on the timber type. It can be used Indoors use or limited outdoor use, eg undercover.

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