Cast Iron Bar Table Bases.

  • Cast Iron bar table bases automatically adjust themselves to level out on uneven surfaces.
  • All Gyro bar bases have a unique stabilising mechanism that is based on simple mechanics, which can stabilise on extremely rough terrain of up to 35 mm in height difference.level out your bar tables.
  • Gyro Is the 4 wheel drive of bar height table bases.
  • Gyro Cast Iron Bar Table Bases can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Perfect for Bars, Bistros and Side walk Take Away Cafes who need stable tables on uneven floors.
  • The Cast Iron components have been produced from Ductile Cast Iron, making them more durable and less likely to crack.
  • It is built to last and is extremely robust.
  • There are no parts that will fall off, leak or break off under normal use.
  • The Cast Iron bar bases are designed in ISO 9000 quality controlled production facilities.