Dining Table Bases

Self-Stabilising Table Bases for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars.

A sturdy self-stabilising pedestal base for those large and/or heavy table tops.

Belle Dining Table bases for Restaurants and cafes

A self-stabilising and folding table for all restaurants who need to store outdoor tables.

Long rectangular table for restaurants bars and cafes. Can be made to any size, height or shape.

Delta table base with compact laminate table top.

Picnic Tables and Benches custom made for indoors or outdoors.

Picnic benches with galvanised frame on blackbutt timber.

Dining Table Bases for Hospitality.

Besides self-stabilising, Gyro dining table bases are designed to solve specific table problems that restaurants experience. The Belle base is designed to accomodate heavier table tops, where other self-stabilising bases fail as they cannot support the weight. The Swoose base is specifically designed to fold flat and save you space on storage. The Swoose bases are made light enough to be easily carried.

All Gyro Pedestal Dining Table Bases Are Factory Assembled & Fitted With Gyro’s┬áPatented Self-Stabilising Mechanism.