Dining Table Bases

Belle Base

An extremely sturdy pedestal base for those large and/or heavy table tops.

Belle Dining Table bases for Restaurants and cafes

Extremely Sturdy Dining Table Bases.

For Heavy & Large Table Tops.

Made from high grade steel ductile cast iron and tubular steel for that extra durability that no other base can offer.

The stabilisation mechanism does not have spongey feel. This dining table base is as steady as a rock.

Use any table top material without worrying about overloading this base. Solid 30mm thick marble or concrete tops would be ideal for this base.

Swoose Base

A folding table base for all restaurants who need stable tables in outdoor areas.

These Folding Aluminium Table Bases are for both indoor and outdoor use.

Unique restaurant dining table bases that can fold completely flat to save you on storage space.

This table base can stabilise on any side walk, cobble stoned or roughly paved area.

Ideal for restaurants who would like to utilise areas where other table bases do not work.

Easy to move around. Especially when your restaurant is crowded and you need to get those extra tables out.

Best table tops for these bases are Compact Laminate table tops.

Customised Table Base Frames

Custom made from heavy duty welded steel frames, which are knock-down to save you on transport costs.

Custom made table base frames

Modular table base for longer share tables.

Made from galvanised steel so suitable for outdoor use.

Design you own table – any height, any length any width.

.Extremely sturdy and robust. Does not wobble.

Easy to assemble.

All Australian made.

Recommended table tops are Rubber wood table tops for indoor use and compact laminate table tops for outdoor use.

Dining Table Bases for Hospitality.

Besides self-stabilising, Gyro dining table bases are designed to solve specific table problems that restaurants experience. The Belle base is designed to accomodate heavier table tops, where other self-stabilising bases fail as they cannot support the weight. The Swoose base is specifically designed to fold flat and save you space on storage. The Swoose bases are made light enough to be easily carried.

All Gyro Pedestal Dining Table Bases Are Factory Assembled & Fitted With Gyro’s Patented Self-Stabilising Mechanism.