“The Belle” Dining Height Table Base

"Anything Steadier Has Been Bolted Down To The Floor"

The extra heavy duty Belle Table Base can support a table top weighing 50kg.

Factory fitted with Gyro's patented and robust self-stabilising system.

Can safely hold table tops measuring 120cm round or 120x80cm rectangular.

All components are rigid, thus no "spongy" feel.

Two year warranty on the self-stabilising mechanism.

Belle Self Stablising Table base for Restaurants and cafes

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Belle range of table bases for large table tops
The Belle Table Base has been designed for large heavy table tops.
Close up of Belle screw adjustable table foot
The extra wide feet straddle the wide gaps in uneven flooring.
Belle cast Iron table base for cafes
Ductile cast iron components for extra toughness and durability.
Belle table 120 cm round for restaurants
A very attractive table base can be used In any setting.
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The Belle Table Base Product Features

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Belle table base product features

Designed By Our Customers, For Our Customers.

The Belle table base is a result of many years research.

Our hospitality customers complained that their table bases where not lasting.
Another complaint was that table bases could not hold large table tops steady.

We set out to find a solution and designed the perfect table base which addresses all of the above complaints.
Our solution is the Belle table base.
The Belle is extremely well priced. It sells for far less than any other premium table base on the market.
There is no longer an excuse for table bases that are wobbly and fall apart.

The Belle Table Base Specifications


Belle Table Base Dimensions.

Height: 720 mm (28.6 inch)

Width: 550 mm (22 inch)

Depth: 550 mm (22 inch)

Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs)

Leg length: 750 mm (31 inch)


Belle Table base colours

Graphite is a slightly textured dark grey powder-coated finish.

All polymer components are is a Dark Grey finish.

We can make custom colours, however we require minimum order quantities.

Safe Working Loads

Belle Table Base Safe Working Loads

The Belle base can safely carry 50 kg (110 lb.) if evenly distributed over the table top. The weight given is a combination of table top weight and the loading placed on top of table top.

The Belle weighs 12 kg and can carry a heavy table top, however please be aware that the heavier your table the more difficult it becomes to move about.

If you are unsure what size top to place on your base go to our  “Table Stability Calculator” to ensure that your base and table top combination is stable.


The Belle Table Base Packaging

The Belle base is partially factory assembled and is packaged one table base per box.  Only the Spider has to attached by end user. The box dimensions are as follows:

Height: 800 mm (32 inch)

Width: 780 mm (31 inch)

Depth: 110 mm ( 4 inch)


The Materials used in the Belle table base are as follows:

  • The Belle Table base main structural components are made from ductile cast Iron (ductile iron has much more impact and fatigue resistance)
  • All cast iron parts are powder-coated for added corrosion protection.
  • 75 mm (3 inch) diameter upright main tube made from high strength aluminium alloy.
  • All “plastic” parts are Structural Engineering Strength Polymers
  • All hardware either stainless steel or galvanised.

Table Top Sizes

Minimum and Maximum Table top Sizes for the Belle.

Gyro does not specify or recommend a maximum or minimum table top size. The Belle table base can safely hold table tops that are 120cm (48 inches) diameter, or 120x80cm (48×32 inches) rectangular subject that the table tops weight at least 22kg (48 lbs.).

Table stability is not only dependent on table top size, but other factors such as table base weight, table base leg length and table top weight.

Its up to the end user to make sure that the final table top and table base configuration complies to local safety regulations and specifications.

A rule is that the heavier the table top the more stable your table will be. Please keep in mind that heavy table tops are prone to be “top heavy”. This can result in a base that could possibly topple over.

If you unsure about your table Top and base configuration, please contact a Gyro Expert.

Attaching Your Table Top

Attaching Table tops to the Belle Table Base.

Gyro Bases do not supply screws to attach table tops.

As table tops are made from different materials, different types of screws are required.

There is no “universal” screw for all material types. Please choose your attachment screws carefully.

The Belle requires 8 screws to attach a top and ensure all screws are correctly tightened.

For further assistance please contact your Gyro Expert.


The Belle table base is partially factory assembled.

Only the feet and the top x-brace needs to be attached.