CAST IRON Table Bases Dining Height 30×30

Self-Stabilising (Self-levelling) Cast Iron Table Bases. Solid & Sturdy on any floor surface.

Cast Iron table bases for Restaurant furniture. 30x30

Product Specifications

  • The Iron Table Bases have Cast Iron Legs and Cast Iron top “Spiders”.
  • All metal parts are powder coated.
  • 75 mm (3 inch) diameter upright main tube made from high strength aluminium alloy.
  • All “plastic” parts are Structural Engineering Strength Polymers
  • All hardware either stainless steel or galvanized.

Height: 720 mm (28.6 inch)

Width: 540 mm (21.5 inch)

Depth: 540 mm (21.5 inch)

Weight: 11.5 kg (25.3 lbs)

Leg length: 750 mm (30 inch)

The Gyro Cast Iron 30×30 base can safely carry 100 kg (220 lb.), evenly distributed over the table top.

You can place a heavy top on this base. Please note that the heavier your table, the more difficult it becomes to move about.

Please use our “Table Stability Calculator” to make sure that the base and your table top combination is stable.

Gyro does not specify or recommend a maximum or minimum table top size.

Table stability is not only dependent on table top size, but other factors such as table base weight, table base leg length and table top weight.

Its up to the end user to make sure that the final table top and table base configuration complies to local safety regulations and specifications.

A rule is that the heavier the table top the more stable your table will be. Please keep in mind that heavy table tops are prone to be “top heavy”. This can result in a base that could possibly topple over.

If you unsure about your table Top and base configuration, please contact a Gyro Expert.

The Cast-Iron 30×30 base is partially assembled and is packaged one table base per box. The box dimensions are as follows:

Height: 800 mm (32 inch)

Width: 750 mm (30 inch)

Depth: 90 mm (3.8 inch)

Gyro Bases do not come with any screws to attach table tops.

Table tops are made from different materials. There is no “universal” screw for all material types. Please choose your attachment screws carefully.

For assistance, please contact your Gyro Expert

The Cast Iron 30×30 dining height Table bases are partially assembled.

The only assembly that is required is for the user to attach the spider to the top of the base. The rest of the table base is factory assembled.

All Gyro products are Australian designed.

Gyro Cast Iron bases are manufactured in Vietnam.

Iron Table Bases – Features

  • The Iron table bases with foot print size 20×20 inch do not have add-on stabilizer Gizmos to prevent tables from wobbling. Our cast Iron Bases have been purposely engineered by design to self-stabilize on any floor surface.
  • The secret to Gyro’s sturdy and stable bases, is the clever stabilizing function which is based upon simple mechanics.
  • Gyro is guaranteed to perform with components that are extremely durable and that won’t rust.
  • All Gyro bases are considered the “4WD of table bases” . The Cast Iron Bases have the ability to stabilize on even the roughest of terrains (up to 35mm movement), leaving its competitors wobbling.
  • With a press of a button, the table is automatically stabilized.
  • Put your tool kit away as Gyro Iron base is manufactured to be tough, strong and durable, reducing your long-term costs on furniture repairs and replacements.
  • Your customers will keep coming back because they don’t notice your restaurant furniture. They will enjoy not having to tackle an unruly table, stuff napkins under its feet or be embarrassed by spilled food.