Picnic benches

Commercial Grade Picnic Benches & Tables

Hot-dipped Galvanised Frame for outdoor use.

Blackbutt timber clear coated with UV Oil

Custom sizes and configurations (wheel chair options) available

Flat pack so very inexpensive to transport. Easy to assemble with 12 bolts only.

Powder coated frame with solid indoor tops options available.

Picnic benches with galvanised frame on blackbutt timber.

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Side View

Side view of outdoor picnic bench.

Front View

6 seater picnic benches for hospitality.

Flat Pack

Picnic bench flat pack parts.


Dimensions of 6 seater picnic bench.
^ seater picnic benches for outdoor use.
Picnic benches with galvanised frame and Blackbutt timber

Easy To Ship. Even Easier To Assemble.

At Gyro we design products that will benefit our customers. So what have we designed into our picnic benches that makes them different from others?

  1. The picnic benches are shipped flat pack (knock down) and are simple to assemble. The assembled benches are as sturdy as fully welded frames and do not wobble. Table stability is what it’s all about at Gyro.
  2. Made from fully hot dipped galvanised tubular frames.  All tubes are open ended so that moisture does not collect inside which can cause rust from the inside out.
  3. The wall thicknesses of our tubular frames are 2.5mm, which makes then extremely durable. Suitable for public or street seating.
  4. The end of table overhang is 150mm and together with the narrow table top support, our picnic benches are wheel chair friendly. Larger over hangs can be made to suit customer needs.

Picnic Table colour options.

The frames can be powder coated or cold dipped galvanised. The seating and table tops can be made in just about any material. Below are a few examples. Go to our table top page and select the colour and material that you would like.

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White frame and Light Oak Compact Laminate top and seating.

Picnic table with white frame and teak compact laminate top and seats.

Black Frame with Teak coloured MDF laminate table top and seating.

Picnic table with black frame and exalto teak compact laminate top and seat

Black frame with red compact laminate top and seating.

Picnic bench and table with black frame and red compact laminate table top.

Black frame with Jarrah timber top and seating.

Picnic bench and table with jarrah timber table top and black frame.


Benches can be made to different lengths or widths. see attached picture of a typical 6 seater picnic bench.Dimensions of 6 seater picnic bench.

Safe Working Loads

The bench seat can comfortably seat 3 persons, each weighing 120kg, so long they are evenly spread out over the length of the bench.

There are 2 seats, so that is over 720kg that can be supported by the benches.


The bench parts are packed individually and then palletised. The total weight of each picnic bench is approximately 100kg.


The frames are made from galvanised mild steel tubes for outdoor use, or powder-coated for indoor use.

The tops are made from what ever material you require.

Table Top Sizes

The benches are custom made to size. Our standard 6 seater table top size is 180x80cm.


The picnic benches are easily assembled by 2 people. We supply the hardware and the tools for assembly.

Instructions on how to assemble are emailed to customer on purchase.