Communal Share TablesGalvanised Pipe Tables

Communal Share Tables sizes 2400x800mm

Large communal share tables are a growing trend in restaurants and cafes. Many larger tables available on the market are made for domestic use and are never intended to be used as communal share tables in commercial environments. These do not last.
At Gyro we have developed a modular table base system (Galvanised Pipe Tables) which can be made to fit just about any table top. The table base frames are extremely sturdy and are specifically made for use in restaurants and cafes with high volume traffic.

Product Features Are

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Can be self-assembled and still maintain structural integrity
  • Custom made to suit any table top
  • Custom height, length, width and colour
  • Galvanised steel pipe which can be used outdoors

Design Your Own Communal Share Table

Let your imagination go wild. We can make any table to suit your needs. We will design up your table and provide you with a detailed design at no cost to you.

Communal Share Table bar height - Made from galvanised pipe table base

Bar height communal share table.

What you need to tell Us when you design your communal share table

  1. Height of table – We can design from coffee table height to bar table height. If you require a bar height table, please let us know if you require a foot bar. We can give you multiple foot bars. On dining height tables, please consider if you require end seating and if your restaurant seating/chairs have arms or no-arms.
  2. Table size – With our modular system, we can just about make any width or length of table base that you require. Measure up your space and we will design accordingly. Please keep in mind, that the longer the table is, the more even your floor must be. As our communal share table are not self-stabilising, they can bend and flex a little to accomodate uneven floors. With
    Long Communal Dining Table made from galvanised pipe frame

    Extra long Communal Share Tables

    very long tables, you would require extra table legs as shown with the table below. Please consider the spacing of your seating, so that legs do not interfere with your customers’ legs. The table size is limited to the choice of table top material (See point 5 below – Table tops)

  3. Size Of Tubing – Our table base frames  are made from heavy duty round tubular steel. The diameter of the tubing can range from 25mm to 60mm (outside diameter). If you require a heavy looking frame, then select the larger diameter tube. Please remember, that the larger the tubing the more expensive your table base becomes. All pictures shown here are with 34mm tubing, which is the most cost effective.
    Custom made galvanised pipe table bases and frame legs

    Black powder-coated Table base for a 2400x700mm communal share dining height table top.

  4. Colour Of The Table Base Frame – Our standard colour is galvanised steel. This makes our frame rust resistant and suitable for outdoor use. We can powder-coat the frame to any colour you desire.
  5. Table tops – You can use your own table top or we can make one for you. You have a choice of materials to choose your table top material from – See Below.

Pricing of Communal Share Tables 

As each table is custom made each table will be priced separately. As a rough indication, the black table base frame shown here is for a 2.4m long table.
The approximate cost is $260.00 (galvanised) and $310.00 (powder-coated)