Custom Made Table Bases

Pipe Tables- Galvanised or Powder-coated

Communal Share Tables sizes 2400x800mm

Large communal share tables are a growing trend in restaurants and cafes. Many larger tables available on the market are made for domestic use and are never intended to be used as communal share tables in commercial environments. These do not last.
At Gyro we have developed a modular table base system (Galvanised Pipe Tables) which can be made to fit just about any table top. The table base frames are extremely sturdy and are specifically made for use in restaurants and cafes with high volume traffic.

Design Your Own Communal Share Table

Let your imagination go wild. We can make any table to suit your needs. We will design up your table and provide you with a detailed design at no cost to you.

Communal Share Table bar height

Long Communal Share Dining Table

Custom made table base frames.

Recommended Table Tops For Custom Bases