Table Tops for Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

All our Compact Laminate and Wooden table tops are custom made to order. We will cut your tables to your exact dimensions.
Lead times vary, depending on quantity and colour choice. Most orders are delivered any where in Australia within 2 weeks.
All our compact laminate table tops will be pre-drilled to either fit a Gyro table base or your base.

We take the guess work out the equation and deliver exactly what you require.

Compact Laminate table tops are extremely durable and hardwearing. They are the most stable of material, resisting heat and distortion, making them the best table tops for restaurants, bars and cafes

The compact laminate tops are also very easy to clean, making them one of the most hygienic tops to use in restaurants and cafes.

Gyro has a fast range of hardwood table tops to choose from. We use Australian hardwoods, such as Jarrah or Tasmian Oak. We also have a selection of Plywood tops and Veneered Plywood.

Imagine your brand being visible just centimetres away from your target audience. Engage with your audience while they are dining or relaxing.
Our branded tops are a perfect solution for you to give your brand an all year round exposure to your target audience.
Unlike other branded products, restaurant and cafes will use your branded tables, regardless of weather or season.

Why settle for second best. We can create your design on our table tops to fit in with your decor. Any colour, any design.

Send us your design, choose your table top size and we will do the rest.
Want to see what your design will looks like on our tops. We will do a no-obligation mock up of your design. Give us a try.