Branded Table Tops

Merchandise Your Brands with Branded Table Tops Table Top Advertising

  • Getting your brands noticed in a collage of competitor advertising requires new ways of catching the customer’s eye.
  • Gyro Bases have partnered with Topalit Table Tops from Austria, to bring you quality branded table tops on fold-flat self-stabilising bases.
  • Get your brands directly where your customer is seated and looking. At the cafe, restaurant or bar table.
Branded table tops for Bars - Table Top advertising
Place your Logo on table tops for the most effective “Table Top Advertising”.

Get Maximum Brand Exposure.y

As customers relax over lunch, coffee or beer for anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours,  your branded table top  logo and message will be working silently and subliminally at approximately 40cms from your customer’s direct line of sight.

Permanent Image.

Advertising works subconsciously. It is visible all of the time as opposed to media or print advertising which pops up ad hoc.   Branded table tops are permanent, solid and high quality and therefore are great brand association.

Advertising Repetition

Restaurant, Cafe and Bar patrons will be exposed to your branded table top repeatedly. For return customers, they will be exposed to your brand over and over again for the life of the table.

Low Cost Advertising

Low cost marketing for 365 days of the year when compared to other branded product merchandise, such as umbrellas. Umbrellas are generally only used in the Summer months.   Branded table tops provide your brand with maximum exposure all year round. The cost per view is extremely efficient.

Premium Quality Tables

Self-stabilising and wobble free tables bases to ensure customers enjoy their experience at your branded table top.  Your brand will be associated with quality merchandise and will achieve a related brand perception.

GYRO Bases Fold Flat Tables

Even after hours, branded tables will be folded flat and stored against a wall or counter. Still giving your branded table tops exposure to passing traffic.

Here are a few examples of our work on branded table tops.

Boutique Brands

Wiskey - table top adverting - branded table topsWhether you are big or small, we can handle any size job. From the small boutique brewery, or large franchise, we will embed your brand on top of our tops.

BarsAmstel table top - Table top advertising - Branded tops

What a better way to advertise your brand in bars and pubs. While your customers are enjoying their favourite drink, your brand will be continually present.

 CafesCoca Cola - table top advertisng - branded table tops

Imagine Side Walk Cafes and Restaurants displaying your brand on their tables. Not only will your brand be visible to the patrons of these establishments, but the 1000’s of passer-by’s will see your brand as well.

FranchisesRestaurant Franchises - table top advertising - branded table tops

Franchise restaurant groups, here is the best way to give your business a unique identity. While your guest are enjoying their meal or beverage, your brand will be continually visible, indoors or outdoor, for 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

Why is Topalit a Premium Branded Table Top?

•    Topalit branded table tops that are extremely durable due to their XD coating.
•    Brands or logos are not screen printed onto the table tops. This method will scratch, fade and wear off and leave your brand looking shabby.
•    Brands or logos are printed into the table top in the manufacturing process. Then they are covered by a UV resistant XD layer to give your branded image the ultimate protection.

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