Custom Designed Table Tops

Custom designed Table Tops

Buying restaurant furniture is an important investment in your business functionality, decor and ambience. Your choice of furniture can attract or detract customers to or from your business and can even make your business a talking point for good or bad reasons.

custom topalit table tops
Custom Barrel table top

Of course, you want your restaurant furniture investment to be a positive experience for your customers that will also serve to enhance your overall business, that’s why Gyro has partnered with Topalit to bring you custom designed table tops to enhance your interior design.

Why follow the mainstream of restaurant furniture choices when you can stand out from the crowd?  In the competitive restaurant market, success is not won on only food and service, your interior design choices create the atmosphere that your customers choose to return to.

Custom designed table tops can be stylish, informative, promotional or quirky.   Don’t rely only on media advertising, flyers, posters and word of mouth to sell your products and services.  Create your own unique design to bring your message direct to your customers, right where they are sitting.

You can promote house specialties, favourite cocktails, print the story of your restaurant, brand your restaurant furniture with your franchise or business logo, choose colourful patterns, or conversation starting images.  The options are only as limited as your imagination!

xd-logoTopalit custom designed table tops are made in Austria, using XD coated surfaces that last up to seven times longer than any other table top surface in its class.   This means your restaurant furniture design will continue to look great even after years of wiping, scratching and daily use.

By choosing Topalit custom designed table tops for your restaurant furniture, you will not only get an individual look but the benefit of Gyro Fold-Flat Self-Stabilising Table Bases.   Your customers will benefit from both your choice of ambience and a table that won’t wobble!

These are just some of the reasons why choosing custom designed table tops for your restaurant furniture is a positive investment in your business. It’s a no brainer!   Contact us to get your franchise or business table tops working twice as hard for you, today.

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Examples Of Our Work (Click dots to scroll)


Gyro bases custom designed table tops old newspaper
Create a old world feel with new paper print table tops designed by Gyrobases.


Gyrobases custom designed table tops - board game
Convert your restaurant tables into your favorite board game. Your guest will have loads of fun.


Gyro bases custom designed table tops - sports
Enhance your sports club or promote an event with custom designed table tops with sportive motives.


Gyro bases custom designed table tops- faux metal