MDF Structural Laminex Melamine Table Tops

Laminated Laminex Table Top with an 18mm Structural E0 MDF Board.
Structural MDF is moisture resistant, which means it will not swell, bend or warp with spillages.

Structural MDF Keeps It Shape And Does Not "Droop"
2mm Thick ABS Impact Resistant Edging
Scratch Resistant Surface
Indoor Use Only
Custom Sizes

Melamine MDF Structure Table Top Sizes

Square - all sizes between 60 and 140 cm
Round -all sizes between 60 and 140 cm
Rectangular - Minimum 50x50, Maximum 140x300 cm
Custom Sizes and Shapes - All tops are custom made, so we can make your tops to the closest millimetre.

MDF melamine table tops.

Colour Range for Melamine MDF Table Top

What is Structural MR E0 MDF?

Laminex Structural MR E0 MDF is a moisture resistant MDF, factory laminated on both sides with a hardwearing decorative melamine surface. New surface developments give Laminex Structural MR E0 MDF superior impact resistance together with the wear and abrasion properties approaching that of high-pressure laminate.

What Does E0 Mean?

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is one of the most commonly used materials. It is a wood-based sheet material prepared by pressing together wood fibres with a synthetic resin adhesive containing Formaldehyde.

It is the level of formaldehyde in the adhesive that will determine if your product is within the boundaries of the law when talking about air quality and emissions, as formaldehyde is considered carcinogenic.

According to International Composite Board Emission Standards (ICBES), there are 3 European formaldehyde classes, namely: E0, E1 and E2. This classification is based on the measurement of formaldehyde emission levels. For instance, E0 is classified as having less than 3 milligrams of formaldehyde out of every 100 grams of the glue used in particleboard and plywood fabrication. E1 and E2, conversely, are classified as having 9 and 30 grams of formaldehyde per 100 grams of glue respectively. All around the world variable certification and labelling schemes are there for such products that can be explicit to formaldehyde release, like that of Californian Air Resources Board (CARB).

MDF E0 is safe to use in a food environment.