Topalit Table Tops

Topalit Cafe Table Tops for Restaurant, Cafe & Bar Furniture.

Topalit table tops - food-imageCafe Table Tops by Topalit is made by one of the world’s superior manufacturers of restaurant and cafe table tops.

Topalit Table Tops is a perfect match for Gyro’s superior quality Fold-Flat Self-Stabilizing Table Bases.

Designed and produced in Austria to standards that have made Topalit products renowned for high quality and durability.

This is why these cafe table tops have been considered the cost-effective investment choice for table tops in restaurants and hospitality markets.

Why is Topalit’s Cafe Table Tops so good?

Topalit table tops have been made from 100% Austrian wood chip that is mixed with a high resin content. The resin wood chip is then compacted to form a homogeneous core. This ensures that the table tops deliver optimum moisture resistance and long-lasting strength in all environments.

The finish on Topalit tops is weather, UV, burn and scratch resistant.  The table tops can be disposed of through regular household waste systems.

Topalit cafe table tops come in a choice of standard decor and custom finishes.

Topalit Table Tops Features include:

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  • Topalit cafe table tops last seven times longer as they have XD (Extremely Durable) surface finish. 
  • In addition, these table tops are food safe for commercial use in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels due to the XD finish.
  • Furthermore all Topalit table tops have smooth surfaces to ensure ease of dining and cleaning.
  • Another feature is that these Cafe Table tops have hygienic and seamless surface that prevents dirt or moisture build up. The surface discourages bacterial growth.
  • The tops are impact and scratch resistant that ensures your table tops look great for years.
  • A Further feature is that the tops are heat and Burn Resistant against cigarettes and embers. 
  • UV Stable Finish that is resistant to sun light exposure.
  • What makes these tops exceptional, is that they are weather resistant so you can safely leave your tables outside all year round.
  • Environmentally friendly components that can be disposed of through normal household waste systems.
  • Finally, the cafe table tops come standard with a 2 Year Factory Guarantee.


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