Balckbutt Hardwood Table Tops

Blackbutt timber hardwood table tops made from solid 32mm thick timber.

Extremely Durable Timber
Australian Handmade & Crafted
Custom Sizes and Shapes
Finished with Hard Wax Oils for extra durability

Blackbutt hardwood table top colour variation B

Colour Variations of Balckbutt. The samples below are from typical Blackbutt hardwood tables tops 600x600mm in size.

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Blackbutt hardwood table top colour variation A.
Blackbutt hardwood table top colour variation C
Custom made Blackbutt hardwood table tops for restaurants

Blackbutt Hardwood

The common name blackbutt came about due to the tree’s appearance after bushfire, whereby the buttress – or butt – was significantly darkened.

Due to its quick growth and versatility, blackbutt makes a good plantation timber. It is a commonly available commercial hardwood species in New South Wales and southern Queensland, often used for building framework.

The heartwood ranges from golden yellow to pale brown, although occasionally a slight pinkish colour may be present. The sapwood, which is not always easy to distinguish, is much paler in appearance and is resistant to attack by lyctid borer. Blackbutt has an even texture and generally straight grain making it appealing for interior use applications.

A strong, durable hardwood, blackbutt can be used for a range of structural, exterior and interior applications including framework, decking, flooring and poles.

Hard Wax Oil Finish

Gyro Balckbutt hardwood table tops for interior use are finished off with a Hard wax Oil.

An oil finish penetrates the timber deeper than any other coating, making it more durable and generally longer lasting than any 2 pack coating.Blackbutt hardwood table top hard wax oil finish.

The main advantage of the hard wax oil finishes is that are easy and quick to repair, or should the table top look a little tired, a quick wipe with some hard wax oil and the table top will look like new again.