Marri Timber Table Tops

Marri Timber Table Tops

Marri Timber Table Tops Are Made From Feature Grade Marri.

Deep gum Veins are Filled With Epoxy Resins
32mm Thick Table Tops
Smooth Sealed Surface
Australian Handmade & Crafted
Delivery Australia Wide

Sizes of table tops

Square - 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
Round - 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
Rectangular - Minimum Width and Length 50x50 - Maximum length 240 x width 120
Custom Sizes - Any shape and size available on request. All table tops are made to order.

All above measurements are in centimetres (CM). For an obligation free quote for your table tops requirements please contact us via our Contact Page

Marri Timber – Uniquely Western Australian

Marri is commonly referred to as ‘red gum’. Marri is usually a medium sized to tall tree up to 40 m in height with flaky grey bark, widely distributed in the south-west of Western Australia in the jarrah and karri forests. Heartwood is pale yellow to light brown to reddish brown, with sapwood bands up to 40 mm wide, usually sufficiently paler to be distinguishable from the heartwood.

Each Marri top has it's own unique appearance

Marri Timber Table tops on Gyro Swoose Table Base

No two Marri Table Tops will look the same.

Marri Timber table top for Cafes and Restaurants

Surface Finishes

We offer you 2 surface finishes. A 2 pack coating (Polyurethane) or a hard wax oil coating made by Osmo.  We recommend the natural Osmo oil finish. Please watch this video on the pro’s and con’s of Osmo oil finish. If it’s good for a floor, it is good for a restaurant or cafe table top. Osmo Oil is food safe and environmentally friendly.

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What is Marri?

Marri is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia. It is an adaptable tree that grows in both jarrah and karri forests in the state’s southwest, from north of Geraldton to Cape Riche and inland beyond Narrogin, and can also be found on the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Scarp.

Marri is often called red gum due to the gummy red protrusions often seen on its trunk. As the name suggests, the timber is high in gum, resulting in low recovery rates of first grade timber. In the past, few timber millers produced it, however marri’s feature grain has become more popular in recent times for making fine, handcrafted furniture.

The dark red gum of the marri tree contrasts beautifully with the yellow to pale brown heartwood, while the 40mm wide sapwood is noticeably paler and often tending to white. Marri has a rather coarse but even texture with slightly interlocked grain. Gum veins are common and logs are generally sound to the centre.

Marri timber is increasingly used for modern household furniture. The finished honey-coloured timber with a distinctive vein structure makes handsome flooring. It can also be used for general construction, handles, oars and sporting equipment, while preservative-treated material is useful for piles, poles and posts.

How to order Marri Timber Table Tops for your restaurant tables.

  1. Table Top Size – All our Marri Timber table tops are made to order, so you can order any shape or size.
  2. Table Top Colour – Please note that we are dealing with a natural material. Each and every Marri Timber Table Tops iare different due to the unique gum vein markings.
  3. Table Top Edge Profiles  – Only square edged profiles are available for Marri timber table tops.

Table Top Edge Profiles

Square  Edge Profile

Edge is square, with a small radius.Rubberwood table tops for restaurants - square edge