Plywood Table Tops

Plywood Table Tops

Plywood table tops are very stable wooden laminates that can be used just about anywhere. It is the cheaper alternative to our Compact Laminate table tops, however the colours we have to work with are very limited. We will not stain or paint our plywood table tops. We rather use veneers to produce the correct colour for you. Plywood is not as durable for out door use as compact laminate, but if you have a covered alfresco area these would be perfect.

All our plywood table tops are finished off with UV curable coating, which is extremely hard and durable. The sealed surface is also easy to clean ensuring that your restaurants tables are always hygienically safe.

Plywoods are light and are best suited for our Swoose (Folding) table base

We use different varieties of plywoods. See our selection below.

Product Features

  • Attractive wood grained table top
  • Banded edging makes a prominent feature
  • Dimensionally stable compared to solid wood
  • Will not crack or distort
  • Sealed with durable floor grade coating
  • Custom sizes available
  • Table top edges are not sharp and come standard with a 3mm radius
  • Different thicknesses available
  • Marine grade plywood can be outdoors, but avoid direct sunlight as the surface ply can crack and discolour

Baltic Birch Plywood

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Baltic Birch is a premium grade plywood that is marine grade. It can be used outdoors, however care should be taken not to expose it to much sunlight or leave it out in the rain. Any covered alfresco area is perfect.

Birch Plywood tops comes in different thicknesses. We prefer to use 18mm, however thicker plies are available on request.

Rock Maple Plywood

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Rock Maple plywood table top hasĀ uniform and thick plies, which makes an attractive feature. Occasionally the plies have few darker areas as shown in the attached photo. Rock maple ply is suitable for indoors only or covered alfresco areas. This is not a marine grade plywood, however still extremely durable.

We use 25mm thick Rock Maple plywood, as this is extremely strong and stable. Other thicknesses available upon request.

Please Note:
What Is Marine Plywood? Marine Grade Plywood does not mean that the ply is submersible in water. The glue used to laminate the plywood sheets to each other in marine ply is non-water soluble. Plywood also does have a few voids in the laminated layers. In marine ply these voids are minimal compared to non-marine plywoods. On our plywood table tops we will fill the voids if visible on the edges.
The wood used in Marine ply is a natural product and not some super water resistant wooden material. If the wood gets wet, it can/will swell. It is advisable not to leave any plywood out in the rain or submerse them in water, unless they are perfectly sealed. Gyro Plywood table tops have been sealed using a durable UV curable coating which is extremely tough. This coating can be damaged through very rough treatment/handling, exposing the underlying wood to the elements.
Normal wiping of the table tops with a wet cloth will not affect the table tops. The UV curable coating is also extremely solvent and chemical resistant, however do not use any abrasive liquid or scourers to clean the surface of the tops.