Recycled WA Hardwood Table Tops

Recycled WA Hardwood Table Tops (indoors)

Recycled WA hardwood table tops are made from genuine reclaimed timbers soucred from old West Australian homes and structures. The timber species is a mixture of Jarrah and Karri. Most of these timbers are more than 50 years old and some could possibly be over 100 years old.

Extremely Durable Timber
32mm Thick Table Tops
Very Stable due to age
Longer Counter Style Table Tops Available on request, but limited due to scarcity of source material

Sizes of table tops

Square - 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
Round - can do on request.
Rectangular - Minimum Width and Length 50x50 - Long table tops are available, but limited to supply of timber supply.
Custom Sizes - Any shape and size available on request. All table tops are made to order.

All above measurements are in centimetres (CM). For an obligation free quote for your table tops requirements please contact us via our Contact Page

Recycled WA Hardwood table tops for indoor restaurants and cafes.

Recycled WA Hardwood Table Tops – The Story.

Reclaimed WA Hardwoods table tops for indoor restaurants and cafes.
Recycled WA Hardwood timber table tops from salvage yards.

What are WA hardwood Table Tops made from?

The timber is genuinely sourced in Western Australia from old buildings or salvage yards. Our recycled timber is not made from new timber and made to look old, it is old timber brought back to life.

Benefits of recycled timber.

Besides doing the planet a favour by recycling, recycled timber is well dried or “seasoned”. The timber is generally stable and will not move due to climatic moisture variations.

Recycled Timber species and their colours

Reclaimed WA Hardwood table top timber
Some recycled timber has been weathered to a very dark colour on the outside and lighter on the inside core. Our timber has been selected so that the cross section of each timber piece is uniform in colour.

All timber used in the old West Australian homes was Jarrah, and the later years they used Karri. Both timbers are from mature trees which are a dark rust brown. A colour not found in fresh cut timber.  The timber types are sometimes difficult to tell apart, so we make table tops from material as we source it. Sometimes the majority of the timber is Jarrah and other times it is Karri. We cannot guarantee what you will get, however we can guarantee that all our recycled WA timber table tops are made from “graded” reclaimed timber. That means we throw out timbers that are badly cracked or checked. Any human made imperfections such as bolt holes or nail holes are filled with either matching timber plugs or black filler material.

The colour tone of the recycled timber is unique which you will not find with fresh cut timber. This makes the recycled timber the preferred choice for designers who need restaurant table tops to blend into old heritage buildings.

Surface Finishes

The best surface finish for our cycled WA hardwood table tops is Osmo oil. Osmo Oil  is German made hard wax oil which will enhance the colour of the recycled timber. Please watch this video on the pro’s and con’s of Osmo oil finish.

If it’s good for a floor, it is definitely good enough for a restaurant or cafe table top.

Osmo Oil is food safe and environmentally friendly.

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How to order recycled WA hardwood table tops for your restaurant tables.

  1. Table Top Size – All our hardwood table tops are made to order, so you can order any shape or size.
  2. Table Top Colour – Please note that we are dealing with a natural material, so it not always possible to guarantee exact matches to an existing timber.
  3. Table Top Edge Profiles  – You can choose from a number of edge profiles as shown below. The table top can be made with same profile top and bottom, or a different profile. The square profile on top with a 12mm rounded profile on the bottom, gives the table top a thin sleek appearance.

Table Top Edge Profiles

Square  Edge Profile

Edge is square, with a small radius.Rubberwood table tops for restaurants - square edge

3mm  Edge Profile

Edge is square, with a 3mm radius.Rubberwood table tops for cafes - 3mm edge

12mm  Edge Profile

12mm radiusRubberwood table tops for cafes - 12mm rounded edge