Victorian Ash Table Tops

Victorian ASH is a sustainably grown hardwood. It consist of 3-4 varieties of an Australian Hardwood. All very similar, however can vary slightly in colour. This give our Victorian ASH table tops a unique look and feel.

At Gyro we do not believe in staining the wood to emulate another variety of timber. We prefer to give our timber a unique look by given them an aged, weathered or even burnt appearance. Unlike normal stains or wood dyes which cover the wood grain like paint, our “colouring” process enhances the grain of the timber table top.

To further protect the wooden tops, we apply an extremely hard and durable coating to withstand the harshest of commercial environments. These table tops are ideal for restaurants, bars or cafes.Victorian ash table top for restaurants

Main Features

  • Hardwearing Surface
  • Attractive timber grain is prominent and not covered by stain
  • Can be used outdoors under cover (all timbers will discolour under the sun)
  • Fade resistant colour (no stain pigments that can fade)
  • 100% Australian made
  • 32mm thick tops (thicker available on demand)
  • Custom sizes available

Our Finishes

NaturalNatural Victorian ash Table tops

Natural Victorian ASH is a a feature wood which has a very interesting grain. You can see “Fiddle back” swirls and gum veins. All gum veins are filled with black wood filler to enhance the natural character of the wood.

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Victorian ash wood table top - natural colour

Charred WoodCharred wood table top - Shou Sugi Ban

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of wood preservation, called Shou Sugi Ban. As the colour of the charred wood can be adjusted from a light yellow/black to a dark brown black colour, depending on the degree of charring, we can adjust the colours to suit your decor.

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Driftwooddrift wood table top example

Drift wood colours can vary from grey to a yellow tan colour. Our driftwood table tops are golden tanned colour. Once drift wood has been varnished the colour variations in the wood are enhanced, with colours ranging form golden tans to deep browns.

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Barn SidingWeathered Table tops to look like barn sidings

Barn siding can be light grey to almost silver black. We can adjust the colour, however due to our natural ageing process, you can get a considerable variation in wood colours, very similar to naturally weathered timber.

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Please Note: Wood is a natural product. Although all our timber has been cured in kilns, the natural humidity in the air can cause your table tops to seasonally swell or shrink as the humidity varies. This constant movement can cause timber to crack or distort slightly. We have taken necessary steps toeliminate any cracking, however it is beyond our control.
Our unique colouring process relies on the natural tannins of the timber. Tannin in timber does vary, so you can expect some colour variations. Please take a close look at our examples shown above and note the variation on each table top shown.