Restaurant Furniture Safety.

Gyro restaurant furniture safety sign.


When aspiring restaurateurs set up new businesses, restaurant furniture safety is ignored. The focus is on food quality and the food preparation area. As a result the best kitchen equipment is purchased because the thinking is that our business depends on equipment being reliable.
When it comes to purchasing furniture, nobody really seems to care. If the price is “right”, it gets bought. Imagine if restaurants purely bought their food supplies on price. They definitely would not be in business for long. So why skimp on furniture?

In many cases interior decorators/shop-fitters are hired to kit out the shop front to look aesthetically pleasing. If it looks good, then we are happy, however is your good looking restaurant safe?

Government Regulations.

In most parts of the world, commercial kitchens aGyro - STOP Wobbly restaurant tables and food heavily regulated by government agencies. However it is only the food preparation areas that are controlled. Society has become so focused on food borne illnesses. All other safety and high risk issues are ignored.
There are regulations for restaurant furniture safety, but these are seldom enforced. If a customer falls ill due to food poisoning, it will make headlines in the tabloids. Thus a restaurant will receive bad publicity and no one wants that. If a person gets injured due to wonky furniture, nobody really cares.

Be warned.
All it takes is one injured guest to sue and your business is lost. This alone should be an incentive to ensure that your entire restaurant complies with all required safety standards.

I am Not A Furniture Expert.

Call Us If You Have Safety Concerns.

This is not an excuse in terms of the law.
As a business owner you cannot be an expert in every aspect of equipment that you purchase in your restaurant. This does not absolve you as the business owner from the ultimately responsible for OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) for your guests and employees. The buck stops with you. In a court of law, one cannot plead “ignorance”. Remember, you are now running a business now and not just a kitchen. Safety of your entire shop is your responsibility.
So if you are not a furniture expert, what can you do? Call an expert on furniture safety, or follow few quick tips below.*

  • Ask the furniture supplier to provide you with proof that the product does comply with local safety regulations. This is a start, however you need to do research. At Gyro we can assist you.
  • Buy from a reputable furniture dealer. “eBay” or auction houses are not reputable furniture dealers.
  • Many furniture fails are related to poor maintenance. Buy easy to maintain furniture. There is nothing on the market that is maintenance free. If you buy cheap you might end up paying a lot in maintenance. This does not mean that expensive is good either. Do your homework.
At Gyro we have done our homework on restaurant table safety.
Below are a few articles we have written about table stability and safety. Please use these articles as guide when you purchase your tables and chairs. It could save you a fortune.
  • Our guides and tips that are tabled here, are to help with the process of purchasing your furniture and are by no means complete safety regulations. Its your responsibility to find out what regulations you are legally bound by.
Structural Stability of Cafe Tables

How Strong Are My Tables?

Not all table bases are built the same. Many products are built to a price to maximise profits for retailers. You safety issues are not their responsibility. Read what you need to look out for.
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Gyro Table stability for restaurant tables

Will My Table Topple Over?

Restaurant table bases and tops are sold separately. It is important that you size your table top to your base correctly.
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Quick Fix Solutions.

There are many “quick fix” solutions for wobbly tables. Most of these can be compared to adding sports tyres to an old motor car and expecting it to perform like a Ferrari. That’s dreaming.
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