A Bit Of Gyro’s Background

Gyro has been around for a while

16 Years in the making…

Gyro is not a new concept in the self-stabilising Table Bases market. It is a product that has been continually researched. Developed since 2002 by design engineer and Gyro owner, Hans Ilse. With nearly 20 years experience in cafe, bistro and restaurant furniture design and manufacturing, Hans has been continually exposed to the issue of wobbly table bases. Hans heard customer complaints and their pleas to find a solution to fix this annoying dining problem.

And so it was after trying but failing to reach an exact solution Gyro self-levelling table base - self-stabilizing table baseson through the use of self-levelling adjusters, wedges and other gizmos on his own manufactured tables. Hans applied his design engineering skills toward finding the total solution to wobbly tables by developing the Gyro 1 series of sefl-stabilising table bases. This restaurant furniture innovation was released with much acclaim at the Hostex 2007 Show in Johannesburg. This was the first truly self-stabilising table base on the global market that also folded completely flat. See the first “The Total Solution” for stable tables, released in 2007.

The All New Self-Stabilising Table Base from Gyro

Because Gyro 1 enjoyed enviable success across South Africa, Europe, UK and the USA. Customers to finally enjoyed both a true solution to wobbly restaurant tables and improved restaurant storage space. However, with changing fashion preferences and a move across the world to Western Australia, Hans decided it was time to update Gyro 1 stable tables with more contemporary colours and state-of-the-art components to meet today’s market and needs.

This resulted in a sleek and stylish Gyro 2 was launched at the National Restaurant Association Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois in May 2015. As Gyro 1 was a product that had already enjoyed years of industry success. Many contacts at the show expressed their relief that Gyro 2 was now available for purchase as there really was no other comparable self-levelling or self-stabilising table base on the market. Hans has also added cast iron self-stabilising table bases to the Gyro range, and will continue to add more.

GyroBases is a company that prides itself on design innovations that solve problems whilst also delivering products that are sturdy, robust and simply stylish. Gyro 2 stable tables have also been thoughtfully designed through the use of sustainable components, are easily repaired and fully recyclable. Hans is a tinkerer and so is always working on improving the Gyro product range. To keep up with the latest in Gyro news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin.


Gyro stabilising mechanism is currently protected internationally by various patents. For more information read up on the current US patent number US9717326.