Self-Stabilising Tables for Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Gyro Table bases are rated the best self-stabilising table bases on the market.

Our self-levelling system is durable and will stabilise on just about any uneven floor surface.

That is why Gyro is  known as the 4-wheel drive of table bases.

Mix-‘n-Match Table Bases & Tops

Mix & Match Table Bases & Tops To Create a Table Best Suited For Your Application and Budget.

All your hard work in preparing a fantastic meal can be ruined in an instant by serving it on a wonky table? It makes no sense. Customer experience is not only about the good food. It’s about everything they see, taste, touch and feel while they are in your restaurant.
At Gyro we have developed self-stabilising tables to ensure that your customers don’t get annoyed with those wobbly tables. 
Every restaurant has unique requirements for tables. So we don’t sell you “standard” tables. 
Give us a call to discuss your table needs.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

Gyro Table Bases used by The Coffee Club in Joondalup

"...a system that actually works."

“We acquired two Gyro table bases for a trial and were so impressed that we bought 33 more for our café. It’s an excellent product – a table stabilising system that actually works…

Gyro Table Bases Used By Gloria Jeans in Mooloolaba

"...tables are instantly stable..."

“We have used our Gyro table bases in our restaurant for over a year now and could not be happier. After years of shuffling little wedges around to stop traditional tables from wobbling the Gyro tables are instantly stable and never wobble. We pack our furniture away every night and have had no breakages or signs of wear. The other big thing for us since we are on the foreshore is that we have had no corrosion issues at all.”

Gyro table bases on Table Mountain Cafe.

Back On Top of the Mountain

In 2008, Gyro supplied table bases for the Table Mountain Cafe. They have been using them ever since. In June 2016, they asked Gyro for more tables. Their reason for choosing Gyro “On top of the mountain we are fairly isolated. We cannot afford to have failures and need reliable products that work well.

Latitude 32 logo -

"...recommend this product..."

“After the years of struggling with uneven tables on the alfresco, we were delighted when we came across the GYRO table base.  IT was the answer we were looking for to rid the wobbly table and constant adjustment with restaurant coasters.  The product speaks for itself.  I would recommend this table base product to anyone who has an outdoor eating area that is even slightly uneven.”

O'sushi restaurants uses Gyro table bases for their outdoor furniture.

"...a great product..."

“We are very happy with your table bases and since then I recommended them to few of our friends in the industry. We believe you have a great product.

The Knox Made In Watson uses Gyro Table Bases.

"...a great design that is versatile..."

“I really love the Gyro bases, they are ready to go in the box, no assembly, a great design that is versatile. Best of all no more wobbly tables which saves time and money for both staff and customers love them! I’ll definitely buy more for my next restaurant project.”

All Gyro table bases comply with European & USA
Safety Standards for commercial & contract use.
The Gyro stabilisation mechanism is guaranteed for 2 years.

Gyro takle bases - Australian design

How Can Gyro Benefit You?

Space Saving Bases. Reduce Storage Costs.

Retail space costs a fortune.

Therefore use your restaurant’s space wisely, as by using every available square meter will produce more income for you.

How about using areas in or around your premises that where not usable before because of uneven floors. Not to worry, Gyro cafe table bases will even out those areas without costly reconstruction.

Why waste space on your cafe furniture storage. Chairs fold or stack and that’s the easy part. What do you do with your cafe tables? Yes, there are many tilting head table bases on the market. Ask yourself, how much space do you actually save with these? Have you ever tried carrying one of these cafe tables through a crowded house or a narrow doorway?

With Gyro we have thought about all of this very carefully. So we engineered a restaurant and cafe table base that folds completely flat.

Now you can store your cafe furniture away in the broom cupboard. How clever is that.

Gyro Self-levelling and Folding Cafe table bases for restaurants, cafes and bars.

Reduce Wear & Tear. Save On Replacement Costs.

What does this clutter cost you?

Have you ever considered what damage is caused to your restaurant’s furniture every time it gets “stacked”? The table top edges are chipped, the surfaces are scratched and the bases are bent. Therefore, in no time your restaurant tables will look second hand, which will require costly repairs or even replacement.

Now take look at how Gyro table bases works for Itsara Restaurant’s table clutter, with the Fold-Flat table base.

Gyro restaurant tables stacked with Cafe table bases.

Bases Built Tough & Reliable. Lower Your Maintenance Costs.

What do Break downs cost?

Due to many years in designing hospitality furniture, we at Gyro do know what restaurant furniture has to endure. We know that any systems failure means loss of income. As a result, we based the Gyro self-stabilisation mechanism on simple mechanics. Most of all, we researched our materials and used the best “suited for purpose” materials, all to ensure minimal failures.

Penny Wise, Pound foolish

Buying the most expensive does not mean its the best, however if its cheap be weary. Tables can cost you money in the long run. Although maintenance expenses seem minimal, they can quickly run out of control.

Consequently, all Gyro products are designed to minimise your running costs.

Table Bases with with no hydraulic fluids.

Keep Your Customers Smiling. It Will Improve Your Profitability.

The Unmeasurable Cost.

As a restaurant, your main focus is is good service and quality food. Get this wrong will result in business failure. What is more than often ignored, is the overall customer experience. Customers, if annoyed will vote with their feet. What does this cost you? Therefore get rid of those wobbly cafe tables and get stable with Gyro.

Make the right choice and invest in Gyro. Your Cafe furniture will pay itself back in no time.

Table bases for Restaurant and cafe furniture