Hardwood Tops

Hardwood table tops for indoor commercial use. Timber table tops made from Australian woods.
Timber Table Tops at the Royal Hotel, Perth.

Introducing our all Australian made Hardwood Table tops.
What makes our wooden table tops so durable, is that are made using only Australian hardwoods. Timbers used in making our table tops are extremely hardwearing, tough, and extremely durable. These timber qualities make our wooden table tops best suited for commercial furniture use.
In making timber table tops, we take the utmost care. We use the best materials available to us. Second best is not an option to us.
As all our table tops are made to order, we are very flexible in offering you the correct tops for your needs. We can custom make timber tops sizes that range from 400-3500mm long, up to 1800mm wide, and any shape.

Timber Table Top Finishes.

For our indoor tops we use either a 2 pack polyurethane or a hardwax oil finishes. The Hardwax oil finish is the most popular as it durable. Also this finish can easily be maintained and it looks natural. No plastic looking shiny surface finish.

For our Outdoor table Tops we only use an Osmo UV protection oil. Not only do these oils provide your timber table tops with UV protection, but they are also environmentally friendly and food safe.

Wooden Table Top edge and corner finishes.

We can offer you a from a simple 2mm rounded edge to a classic looking thumbnail edge. The hardwood table top corners can be rounded to suit.
Here are some typical corner and edge finishes.

Hardwood Table Top Edge Finishes
Some typical hardwood table edges.
Timber table top edge and corner profiles.
Some square corner finishes on our timber table tops.
Wooden table tops rounded corner finishes
Rounded corner finishes on wooden table tops.

Our Hardwood Table Tops Collection.

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