Tables With Caster Wheels

Easy Roll Tables

All of Gyro’s custom-made tables can be fitted with caster wheels. This feature particularly useful if you are dealing with large or heavy tables. It is quick and easy to move your tables around with our easy roll wheels

We can give you the 2 or 4 wheel option.

The 4 caster wheel option allows the table to roll smoothly on smooth level surfaces. Take a look at the videos on our product pages to see how easy and effortlessly the table moves.

If your floors are a little uneven, we can provide you with the 2 caster wheel option. Two of the feet are fitted with casters, while the other 2 are fitted with long adjustable feet. This is particularly useful for tables that are used on very uneven floors and can then be stabilised. Take a look at the video on the individual product pages to see how effortlessly 2 wheeled tables can be maneuvered into tight spaces.

Click on the links below to see our tables on caster wheels.

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