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Self-Stabilising Tables – Dining Height

Self-Stabilising Tables – Bar Height

Belle self-stabilising bar height table base.

Custom Made Table Bases

Custom Made Table Tops

Blackwood table top for cafes and restaurants

Our Restaurant Dining & Bar Table Bases Are Unique.

All Gyro restaurant dining & bar tables (pedestal type) have our patented self-stabilising mechanism built into the base, unlike other self-stabilising systems which have added stabilising feet to existing bases to fix a badly made table. You can compare these feet to adding sports tyres to an old car and expect it to behave like a sports car. As you know, to get a superior handling on a sports car, the manufacturer has to design the entire suspension accordingly. At Gyro we have taken the same approach as the motor manufacturers. If you want sports or a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you have to design it fit for purpose. We have taken this same approach with all our designs. There is no quick fix solution to any problem.

Our design team has over 30 years experience designing table products for restaurants and cafes. We have a thorough understanding of what happens to furniture in a commercial environment and we design our products accordingly. At Gyro we realise that breakdowns cost you money, so we design our products for reliability and toughness to minimise your downtime.

Mix-‘n-Match bases and tops to make up your own unique table.  Choose a top, add a base and we will do the rest.

  • Self-Stabilising Dining & Bar Tables are for use in the Commercial or Hospitality Furniture use.
  • Folding table legs that fold completely flat for easy storage.
  • Ideal for restaurants, cafés, bars, bistros and fast food outlets.
  • Metal Table stands for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Lightweight, weather resistant aluminium bases.
  • Heavy duty and durable cast iron table bases that provide extra stability.
  • All bar height table bases are fitted with our patented self-stabilising mechanism.
  • Made to last and will not break down when you need them most.
  • Low Maintenance Hospitality furniture table bases that ensure minimal down time.
  • Reliable and long lasting reducing your hospitality furniture replacement costs.
  • Weather resistant table stands made from cast iron (Cast Iron Bar Base) or light weight aluminium (Aluminium Fold-Flat bar base).
  • Choice of standard, custom designed or even branded table tops.
  • Table tops used extensively for “Table Top Advertising“.
  • All marketing table tops for cafe & restaurant tables are made in Austria by Topalit.
  • Topalit tops are the best and most durable table tops and therefore compliment Gyro table bases.
  • Topalit products are have an extra durable coating to give them superior weather and wear protection.