Compact Laminate Table Tops for Indoor Use

Pricing for Custom Sizes: Please Inquire

Hardwearing, waterproof compact laminate table tops with easy to keep clean hygienic surfaces.
All Tops Are Custom Made in Australia.


Lead Times: Manufacture 5-7 working days
Guarantee: 5 years for commercial use
100% Australian Made

All of our indoor compact laminate table tops are made in Australia. We can, therefore, offer you custom made table tops, to any shape or size.

Compact laminate material is water resistant. This means you can use your table tops outdoors, but NOT under the full sun. It’s only the colour that is not 100% colour fast. So if you have a covered patio area that you hose down on a regular basis, these tops are ideal. No need to get Alfresco compact laminate table tops as these cost at least 30% more.


Colours and Surface Finishes

Product Features

Hard Wearing Surface.
Choice of many colours.
Tabletops do not warp, swell or twist when wetted.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Indoor use or limited outdoor use, eg under cover. Do not use under direct sunlight.


Wipe clean with any non-abrasive cleaner.
Resistant to most chemicals, however do not subject the compact laminate top any industrial strength chemicals, such as pool acid, chlorine or ammonia.

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