Marri Table Tops – Indoors – 32mm thick

NOTE: Due to the ban on logging from natural forrests, Marri is not always available. Please call to enquire.

Marri table tops are uniquely Western Australian. A timber that has a lot of “feature”.
Colours: Pale Yellow to Light Brown.


Marri Table Tops Lead Times: Approximately 3 weeks, depending on the availability of raw timber.
Guarantee: 2 years for commercial use
Australian Made:

The dark red gum of the marri tree contrasts beautifully with the yellow to pale brown heartwood, while the 40mm wide sapwood is noticeably paler and often tending to white. Marri has a rather coarse but even texture with slightly interlocked grain. Gum veins are common.
  • 32mm Thick Table Tops.
  • ¬†Sealed with 3 coats of a smooth hard wax.
  • Australian Handmade & Crafted.
  • Longer Counter Style Table Tops Available.

Marri table tops look absolutely stunning on any custom made table base in black.

Product Features

Marri Table Tops are made from sustainably harvested timber.
Coated with 3 layers of a hard wax oil which penetrates deep into the timber to give the top a durable and natural look.
The hard wax oil finish is water resistant while allowing the timber to "breath".
All Marri hardwood tops are 32mm thick. Thicker tops available on request.

Timber Variation & Surface Appearance

Timber is a natural product, so colour variations are to be expected. We do try and select our timber on colour consistency, however that is not always possible.
Australian hardwood have quite a few gum veins, worm holes, surface checking (small cracks) and other natural features. We use a 2 pack resin to fill most holes to give you a hardwearing, smooth and hygienic surface, however, there are times a few small holes are not completely filled.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Indoor use or limited outdoor use, eg under cover. Do not use under direct sunlight or under direct weather.


Hard wax oil finish are durable, however do not use any solvents, amonia based cleaners.
A light wipe using a regular floor cleaner/dishwasher detergent is enough to clean the top.
If the top looses its lustre, do not use regular furniture oils. We have maintenance products available.

LENGTH of table top

Custom Lengths ranging from 50-250cm

WIDTH of table top

Custom Widths ranging from 50-120cm

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