Hawk Large Dining Height Table Bases

Hawk dining bases for table top sizes ranging from 120-180cm. Custom made so you can choose any height, size or colour. This base is flat pack and requires some assembly. It can support 100kg top without wobbling.

The Hawk large dining height table bases are designed to carry heavy table tops, yet be very steady.

The bases are flat-pack, which will save you on transport costs. Very simple and easy to assemble.

Each leg has a screw adjustable foot so that is 40mm long, so the base can be stabilised on extremely uneven surfaces.

Product Features

Made from heavy duty steel (2.5mm thick) tubes.
Stackable to save you money on transport.
Can load up to a 100kg table top without wobbling.

Base Size

Will suit table tops ranging from 120-180cm, round or square


The weight of this base varies depending on custom options chosen. It generally a heavier base to ensure stability of your table.

Available colours

A choice of any colour from the Plascon powder paint colour chart.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Indoor use or limited outdoor use, eg under cover, if powder coated finish
Hot dipped galvanised option available for 100% outdoor use next to the sea.

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