Javelin Dining Table Base

A classic timber table base with 4 corner legs. our base has been constructed in such a way as to withstand the harsh treatment furniture gets in the commercial environment.

Javelin Table Base Product Specification

The Javelin Table base is a classic design that has been around for a long time. With the javelin, we have reinforced certain components to ensure that the table is fit for use in a commercial environment.

  • Delivered Flat Pack. 5 minutes to assemble.
  • Internal leg bracket reinforced.
  • Screw adjustable feet.
  • Custom-made sizes.
  • Select your Timber type for the base, and select a Table top to create your Unique dining table.

Custom Made Corner brackets for the Javelin Timber Table base

There are many corner brackets available commercially. Unfortunately, they are made for the DIY market only. We designed and made our own corner brackets. They are made from 3mm thick steel plate and coated with a black rust-inhibiting paint so that they will not corrode.

Custom made corner brackets on the Javelin base.
Reinforced table leg with epoxied lag screw.

Epoxy Embedded Lag Screws

To attach the leg to the corner bracket, we did not use standard lag bolts or screws. Lag screws tend to split the wood and pull out with little force. We have epoxied our lag screws into place with a reinforcing plate. This way we can guarantee will that they never will pull out.

Laminated Legs

Most corner legs are made from one-piece solid timber. As timber is sensitive to moisture, it will continually move or crack. With the legs on the Javelin timber table base we laminated 2 pieces of solid timber together. This ensures that the legs remain straight.

Reinforced Table Adjusters

Normal practice is to insert a threaded insert (Skein nut) into the timber, to which the adjuster is screwed. Skein nuts do not work well when screwed into the end grain. To solve this problem, we epoxy our Skein nuts into place. They will not fall out.

Javelin table base with reinforced table leg adjusters.

Javelin Base Dimensions

Table Base Lengths

The Javelin Timber Table Base comes in length increments from 700-2000mm, and a width from 700-1200mm.

Table Base Widths

The length and width depend on the timber type selected for your Javelin table base. Call us to discuss your requirements.Our table bases standard heights are 715-718mm without a table top. In certain applications, such as aged care, we can increase the height for better wheelchair access. To adjust height of legs we require minimum order quantities


Javelin timber table base sizes.

Select your Timber

We have a selection of timbers, varying in colour and strength.

  • Vic ASH or Tasmanian Oak
  • NSW Blackbutt
  • Recycled Jarrah
  • NZ Radiata Pine.
  • We can on request supply bases made from American white Oak or American Black Walnut

Stains and Finishes

We finish our timber products with a commercial-grade 2-pack Polyurethane finish. A Satin Finish which is a 25% gloss level.

On certain timber types we can offer a hard wax Oil finish.

We can stain in various colours. Please contact us for more information

All our products are proudly Australian made.

Australian Designed and made.

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