Plane Double Table Base

The Plane double table base is made for larger oval or rectangular table tops. Suitable for table tops ranging from 1200-1600mm in length.

About the Plane Double Table Base. 

The Plane Double Table base is a fully welded “disc” table base. The foot is a solid steel plate that is either 8 or 10mm thick. The uprights are 60mm diameter tubes with a wall thickness of 2.5mm.

One table base does not fit all

There are many table bases on the market, however, one size does not fit all. If the foot is too small relative to the table top, the base can topple. Similarly, if the foot is too large, the table will be too heavy. At Gyro we match the size of the Plane table base to match your table top. We ensure that your table base and top combination is a stable one.  Your table will comply with Australian and International safety standards.

What Table top is best suited for the Plane Table base?

As the disc table base has been solidly manufactured, it can support a heavy weight. Any table top is suitable for this base.
Gyro has a large range of table tops that we manufacture in-house.
Our solid hardwood table tops can be made to any size, colour or finish. 
There is a choice of laminated table tops, also custom made to any size, colour or shape.

Adjustable feetDisc table base adjustable feet.

We supply with the Plane double table base with screw adjustable feet. Due to the thickness of the steel plate, we have limited amount of space. When we drill the holes for our adjusters, we drill them right through the steel plate. This will allow you you to retrofit a longer screw adjuster if needed.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

We can make the Plane double table base to suit indoor or outdoor applications. The indoor option is the most economical. We can even hot-dip galvanise the table base which is best if you are next to the ocean.

Colour Finish Options

We offer a wide range of powder-coated finished. Please call to discuss your requirements with one of our sale representatives.

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