Spirit Upholstered Stool

The Spirit Upholstered Stool is a very sturdy wooden stool, made for the commercial environment. Large choice of fabrics for the padded seat.Australian Designed and made.

The Spirit Upholstered stool. 

This wooden cafe stool has been designed and built for the commercial environment and forms part of our Iron & Wood collection.

Why is this stool different from the rest.

  • The frame of the Spirit cafe stool has steel hub Spirit cafe Stool frame.that holds the legs together. This hub is fully welded. There are no joints that work loose over time.
  • The wooden stool legs have been bolted onto the hub. Gusset plates ensure that the bolts do not pull into the timber. This ensures that the bolts are always tight and the legs will not work loose.
  • The Spirit Upholstered stool legs are solid timber, but with a difference. The timber has been laminated (not to be confused with plywood) to form solid struts that can support heavy weights.

Colour & Style Coordination

The timber type of the legs or seats, can be matched up with a table that we produce as well. Should you wish to stain the timber to a particular colour, we can match up everything for you. Please go to our Hardwood Table Top range can choose a timber colour or timber type.

Stool Options.

  1. Timber Types – The pictures above are of the Spirit stool with Blackbutt timber. The alternate options are Brush Box, Jarrah and Spotted Gum. All very durable Australian Hardwood Species.
  2. Metal Frame Colours – The stool’s metal parts can be powder-coated in any of the Plascon powder coatings, or hot-dipped galvanised. The Galvanised option is for outdoor use. We can offer powder-coated options for our door use as well, but that is not as durable, especially if next to the sea.
  3. Height options – The seat height is 450mm. Should you wish to have higher or lower seats, we can do this, however we require minimum order quantities.
  4. Fabric Options – We have a huge selection of fabric to choose from. you can supply your own fabric as well for your Spirit upholstered stool.
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