The Solution to a Tailgating Problem!

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Stable Table Base - tailgate barbecuing furniture

A Stable Table Base for Tailgate Barbecuing


The meaning of “Tailgating” is to share beer and BBQ with friends off the back of your pick-up, wagon or 4X4 vehicle’s tail gate. It’s the long held practice of American sporting enthusiasts who generally congregate in stadium car parks, and was born by fans who loyally followed their college football teams to various sporting venues.

Over time the practice of “Tailgating” has become a tradition. What started off as a tailgate used as a table, has grown into what is now a highly organised social event that requires lots of equipment and other supplies. There are bbq’s, gas bottles, food, drink, coolers, tents, games, weather gear, tables and chairs to consider and cram into the back of vehicles.

With space at a premium, ideas to stack, pack and fold are conversation fodder for “Tailgaters”. One such idea is the Gyro Stable Table Base with Fold-Flat Technology that was recently launched in the USA. This new innovation is not only a table that self-stabilises on uneven ground, but it also folds flat enabling it to be easily stacked and packed away.

The Gyro Stable Table Base with Fold-Flat Technology would be a welcome addition to the equipment needs of space conscious “Tailgating” enthusiasts. It would also prove to be a useful addition for many other activities where a stable fold away table is needed such as when camping, at outdoor functions, al fresco cafes, and an extra last minute dining option for restaurant latecomers.

Compact living is another situation where space is highly valued and where this table’s easy set up will certainly be appreciated. Situations such as studio apartments and mobile homes or caravans would benefit from the table’s ability to be stored away flat after use. Simply store it on a balcony or slide it under a bed until needed and free up visual as well as physical space.

An issue sometimes experienced with folding table bases is the quality of its components. Frequent use of a table’s mechanism can create wear and tear and weather conditions can also impact the smooth functionality of its mechanism. Storing furniture outside on a balcony or daily use in outdoor dining environments can naturally lead to parts corrosion.

Tailgaters attend sport events rain, hail or shine and so choosing equipment that can handle all kinds of weather is an important factor. Again, the Gyro Stable Table Base with Fold-Flat Technology proves itself to be a wise investment. The table is made from non-corrosive parts ensuring the engineered mechanism works effortlessly despite the changing environment.

The table also offers the enviable feature of being made from parts and not manufactured in one piece and so a replaceable item. This means if there is an issue with a Gyro table part; it can be ordered from the manufacturer and easily replaced by using regular handyman tools. The Gyro Stable Table Base with Fold-Flat Technology is obviously thoughtfully designed and manufactured to deliver years of reliable use.




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