Cafe Furniture with a Healthy Solution

Cafe Furniture with a Healthy Solution 

Sonal Chavda form Natures Harvest very happy with her cafe furniture supplied by Gyro Bases
Sonal Chavda from Nature’s Harvest, Cottesloe

Nature’s Harvest uneven side walk played havoc on their cafe furniture.

In a trendy Perth Western Australia suburb, Cottesloe, the doors of Nature’s Harvest open early daily to offer their scrumptiously different health focused fare.  With a background in medicinal health now turned to dietary health, owners Sonal & Hament Chavda, share their passion for holistic wellbeing through their well established and character filled Napoleon Street, Cottesloe cafe come restaurant.

  1. Self-Stabilises. Gyro Bases were installed at Nature’s Harvest initially to tackle the very uneven side walk that created dining mayhem for their alfresco preference customers.  Sonal knew they needed table bases for their cafe furniture that could stay level and so installed two Gyro Fold-Flat Self-Stabilizing Table Bases to remedy the annoying wobbly table issue.
  1. Nature Harvest uses Gyro Table bases for its cafe furniture.
    Gyro Fold-Flat very stable on brick paved side walk.

    Folds-Flat. After a short and successful trial of the tables, Nature’s Harvest has now ordered further Gyro Fold-Flat Bases for their restaurant.  Having solved the table stability on irregular pavement problem, Sonal has also discovered the benefits of the base’s Fold-Flat feature which enables the tables to be easily stored away overnight.

    Nature's Harvest side walk cafe furniture with Gyro table bases.
    Cafe Furniture at Nature’s Harvest, Cottesloe
  1. With minimal space inside the restaurant for storage, the cafe furniture can be stacked compactly and neatly into the cafe until ready for use again.  The bases are also made from lightweight aluminium, enabling the young staff members to move the furniture at the start and end of the day without fear of injury or physical strain.

The installation of Gyro table bases has been an all round Win-Win-Win at Nature’s Harvest cafe.  We look forward to following up with Sonal and Hament in a few months time for further updates on how Gyro Bases are performing for their business success and their customer’s dining pleasure.

Watch this video to see how Gyro table bases perform on rough paved surfaces.




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