Cafe Furniture with a Healthy Solution

Cafe Furniture with a Healthy Solution 

Sonal Chavda form Natures Harvest very happy with her cafe furniture supplied by Gyro Bases
Sonal Chavda from Nature’s Harvest, Cottesloe

Nature’s Harvest uneven side walk played havoc on their cafe furniture.

In a trendy Perth Western Australia suburb, Cottesloe, the doors of Nature’s Harvest open early daily to offer their scrumptiously different health focused fare.  With a background in medicinal health now turned to dietary health, owners Sonal & Hament Chavda, share their passion for holistic wellbeing through their well established and character filled Napoleon Street, Cottesloe cafe come restaurant.

  1. Self-Stabilises. Gyro Bases were installed at Nature’s Harvest initially to tackle the very uneven side walk that created dining mayhem for their alfresco preference customers.  Sonal knew they needed table bases for their cafe furniture that could stay level and so installed two Gyro Fold-Flat Self-Stabilizing Table Bases to remedy the annoying wobbly table issue.
  1. Nature Harvest uses Gyro Table bases for its cafe furniture.
    Gyro Fold-Flat very stable on brick paved side walk.

    Folds-Flat. After a short and successful trial of the tables, Nature’s Harvest has now ordered further Gyro Fold-Flat Bases for their restaurant.  Having solved the table stability on irregular pavement problem, Sonal has also discovered the benefits of the base’s Fold-Flat feature which enables the tables to be easily stored away overnight.

    Nature's Harvest side walk cafe furniture with Gyro table bases.
    Cafe Furniture at Nature’s Harvest, Cottesloe
  1. With minimal space inside the restaurant for storage, the cafe furniture can be stacked compactly and neatly into the cafe until ready for use again.  The bases are also made from lightweight aluminium, enabling the young staff members to move the furniture at the start and end of the day without fear of injury or physical strain.

The installation of Gyro table bases has been an all round Win-Win-Win at Nature’s Harvest cafe.  We look forward to following up with Sonal and Hament in a few months time for further updates on how Gyro Bases are performing for their business success and their customer’s dining pleasure.

Watch this video to see how Gyro table bases perform on rough paved surfaces.




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Taking it to the Streets at Cicerello’s

Gyro Table bases being tested with Cicerellos furniture in Fremantle

Restaurant Furniture: Gyrobases Test

Taking it to the Streets at Cicerello’s

We know Gyro table bases perform because they have been design perfected over the past 13 years, and are rigorously factory tested to double the required Australian restaurant furniture specifications; now that’s tough!

Gyro Table bases being tested with the restaurant furniture at Cicerellos
Gyro at Cicerello’s at the end of January

But we wanted to test Gyro table bases at work in high traffic cafes and restaurants that currently do not use our hospitality furniture.  We were also interested in hearing the unbiased feedback from management and staff on how our fold-flat self-stabilizing table bases performed in their restaurant over the peak holiday season.

The first location we used to test Gyro on performance was the iconic harbour-side seafood restaurant, Cicerellos at Fremantle. We supplied the restaurant with five 700 x 700 square top, fold-flat self-stabilizing tables at the beginning of December 2015 and checked back with Cicerello’s at the end of January 2016 to see how Gyro stood up to the high volume of use over the busy Summer period.

The tables had stood up extremely well with no signs of any wear and tear.  Nick Unmack, partner at Cicerellos, commented, “The Gyro tables are a great practical robust design that frees up floor space for cleaning, for functions, and generally allows easier movement of tables with minimal disruption to guests. 

Cicerellos Nick Unmack comments on Gyro restaurant Furniture.
Nick Unmack of Cicerellos

You also have to keep in mind OHS nowadays and the fact that most conventional tables are circa 15kg.  Gyro provides an ergonomically designed mode of lifting and movement that mitigates any back or leg complaints by staff”.

However, Nick wants to, “put the tables through the wringer for another 2 months” and would like to trial our 800 x 800 mm table tops as these are more suited to Cicerello’s for serving their “Fish and Chips in Newspaper”.  We’ll be back at Cicerello’s later in the week to deliver these tables for Nick so he can continue his own rigorous testing!

We’ll update you on how these tables fared in a few months time!  Meanwhile, visit our website for more information on Gyro Bases.

GYRO at Itsara – Always a Stable Dining Experience

Restaurant Furniture. Stable tables at Itsara restaurant

ITSARA review; Restaurant Dining Furniture thats always Stable


Gyro restaurant furniture - Itsara manger and owner Cress
ITSARA Partner; Cress Doherty

When popular Perth, Western Australian Thai restaurant, ITSARA,  decided to redesign their alfresco dining area they opted for a relaxed rustic feel with the floor choice of irregular stone paving.  Owners, Cress Doherty and Itsara Prachaorenwattana, soon realised their regular restaurant dining furniture was struggling to perform steadily on their newly paved outdoor dining setting.

ITSARA offers award winning Thai food with a fresh and fragrant difference that finds their restaurant very busy 7 nights a week.   With the satisfaction of their customers’ top of mind, ITSARA introduced Gyro Fold-Flat Stable hospitality furniture base to solve the stability problems they and their customers faced in their alfresco dining area.

Gyro bases at Itsara restaurant - furniture layout
Alfresco area in rustic paving

A Quick Easy Cafe Furniture Solution

Gyro stable restaurant dining furniture is designed to automatically level irregular floor surfaces to ensure a comfortable stable dining experience for customers.  After 6 months of using Gyro table bases in ITSARA, Cress observed, “When we had our alfresco area resurfaced with a rustic stone (not perfectly flat), our old tables struggled to find balance and so we often resorted to wedging them up with bits of cardboard to stabilise them.

GyroBases at Itsara Restaurant. The perfect table base for restaurant dining furniture
Stylish cafe furniture

The Gyro table bases have solved this problem completely.  We open the table and squeeze a trigger on the base, the table self-levels leaving us with a stabilised table every time. If we need to shift a table’s position it’s no problem with the Gyro.  Simply reposition and squeeze the trigger again.  It’s quick and easy without interruption to the customer.”

Fold-Flat Tables Save Space and Time

When asked if the fold-flat function has improved ITSARA’s daily tasks, Cress offered, “The introduction of Gyro Fold-Flat tables has made the daily packing and storage of our alfresco area a breeze. Our previous tables were cumbersome, difficult to handle and took up a lot of space to store.

Gyro table bases at Itsara Thai restaurant with stacked restaurant furniture
Fold-Flat tables that stack away

The Gyro bases are lightweight, durable and easy to handle for even the smallest of our staff members.  The fact that they fold flat saves space and time.  From a management point of view, we love the Gyro bases. We spend less time fixing wobbly tables and more time on customer service.  Our staff love the tables also as they are a simple solution.”

Two Solutions in One Table

The management at ITSARA found that there are many remedies to wobbly tables. Only Gyro Bases offer a genuine solution to correct wobbly tables.   Gyro tables also offer the added benefit of Fold-Flat function. This feature allows staff to stack tables neatly away at the end of the day.

Make your customer’s hospitality furniture experience positive with Gyro Bases.  Contact Gyro by phone: +61-(0)-488794040 for more information.

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